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Vista Woman Missing

By   /  October 17, 2017  /  7 Comments


 Daniel Thomas…María Elena Guzman, a woman last seen walking near Vista High School Friday has not been found as of Tuesday.

In an Instagram post, the daughter of the woman wrote that she was last seen at approximately 10 PM on Friday, October 13, and has brown, loose, curly hair, light freckles on her face, and light skin. Her height is approximately 4’ 10” and she is 38 years old. She was wearing black leggings and a black tank top, as well as black-ish running shoes.

A family friend tells TheVistaPress.com that the woman is “like an aunt” to her and that she and the woman’s daughter grew up together. She says it was thought that the woman may be going to a friend’s house, but nobody was contacted by her in the next few hours. Family then realized that the woman  didn’t take her phone, wallet, or any kind of identification. The friend also says there is no indication of her current whereabouts.

Missing posters have been placed around VIsta Village and Vista High School in an effort to locate her.

If you have any information regarding María’s disappearance, call the Vista Sheriff’s Office at (760) 940-4300, and if it is an emergency, dial 911. Please see the attached picture of María in order to get a more accurate description of her appearance.


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  1. Starhawk says:

    Do you have a free email service gor this newsletter I can sign up for? I wpuld like more Vista nees.

    • Editor says:

      Yes just subscribe for free. I willl add you to our subscriber list. But log on any time to thevistapress.com and see all the news…Thanks for reading!

  2. I.S. says:

    She looks like the woman my now ex husband worked with in Vista at a greenhouse place around 15 yrs ago . She had a crazy husband that raped her at their vista home, while their 2 daughters were there.

    • Elber says:

      If she left her phone go through it find out who she spoke to last nd who she spoke to often. Was she using drugs perhaps shes with her friends having a good time.

      • Omar says:

        I personally know this person and know that she did not ever work at a greenhouse. So, this is not the same person. She has been married to the same man for about 19 years. All that know her are shocked of her disappearance because she was very dedicated to her three daughters and loyal to her husband.

    • Omar says:

      I personally know this person and know that she did not ever work at a greenhouse. So, this is not the same person.

      • I.S. says:

        Ok…It wasn’t a greenhouse. The company is HydroScape, she looks like the young woman that worked in the office. At the time she had 2 daughters & the husband was a controlling lunatic.

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