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Unknown Eater: Taqueria Chabelita

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 August, 2018 ….It was my birthday, and I was able to pick where I wanted to eat. I thought of all the places that I have tried up till now and was thinking of a new location. I definitely knew that I wanted Mexican! I had previously thought of this location before and was planning on trying it in the future. Today was the day!

The shopping center where it was located was not in the best shape. It was quite rough looking and may detract some people from coming. The pavement is heavily cracked, and the building looked to be chipping green paint. Taqueria Chabelita looked quite new compared with its surroundings. The inside was bright white, and the chairs were dark brown. They were not cheap fold up seats but the real deal. The pictures on the walls seem to repeat and revolve around a particular woman in traditional Mexican garb. They brighten up the space with vivid colors. There were also some green plants to breathe into the corners. I mention the decor in detail because of how different it looked compared with the other Mexican fast food places. It was one of the most pleasing to the eye.

The menu had the typical dishes such as tacos, burritos and combination plates. Since I was ordering for others, I took it to go. I managed to order a goat meat taco which I was not too familiar with. I started to think what type of meat this was. Red or white meat? As for the transaction, it was a little hard to get across. Spanish was probably the best way to communicate because I ended up ordering an extra plate! It was a little hard to follow.

Once I received the order, I ran out to try and catch the bus back home, but I missed it as it just left. I saw it drive past me. I came home about an hour later for lunch and took a look at the styrofoam plate. I managed to get two sides of refried beans instead of the rice. The goat meat tacos looked like beef to me. It actually ended up tasting like it too! I got the hint of roast beef and a tougher texture. The refried beans were a lot thinner in consistency and not like the creamy texture that I had found at other places. I am glad that they added the fresh lime to add some zing to the tacos. They did not forget the diced cilantro and onions which were spread over the meat. I would definitely want to try something else on the menu next time. I would be up to going back to Taqueria Chabelita.

Taqueria Chabelita – 1587 East Vista Way – Vista, CA 92084


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