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Unknown Eater – Let Me Be Frank at Frank’s Mexican Grill

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Unknown Eater … Snagging lunch before I went off to school, I decided to check out a new place by the name of Frank’s Mexican Grill and Cheeseburgers. It was tucked away from North Santa Fe by the Vista Adult School and the Academy of Performing Arts. Fairly inconspicuous if you ask me. The building resembled that of a house with bright orange paint covering the exterior. Palm trees were out front with a sitting area of well worn red tables. Inside, I found a tight arrangement with a view of the kitchen where you could see the preparation.

The menu appeared to be much smaller than that of other Mexican restaurants that I had seen before, but I managed to choose three large Adovada tacos. Heads up, there are large and small tacos each with a varying price! I managed to learn a few facts of this place while I was waiting for my meal. The cashier was telling me of its popularity with the locals as well as being a mainstay of twenty years. That sounds like a successful restaurant with a devoted clientele! To back this up, I noticed a steady stream of customers coming in for lunch with many pulling up. I received my order and was greeted with three wrapped tacos with a side of lime and a scent of marinated meat. My mouth was starting to water. I opened it up and noticed the speckled seasoned pork with a dash of onions as well as cilantro down the middle. The fresh soft tortilla was warm under my hand. The first bite was a rush of flavor with the meat taking the lead following with the zing of the onions and the acidity of the lime. WOW! This was one of the best tacos that I have had! I finished off my three realizing that one and a half was just enough to keep me full for lunch.

Waddling away, I knew I would be back to try some more! So when you come in to Frank’s, take a seat outside and enjoy the palm trees and the sky. There will be a few cars passing by on North Santa Fe, but just ignore that and focus on the meal that awaits. Because the food will transport you.


Frank’s Mexican Grill and Cheeseburgers – 122 West California Avenue – Vista, CA 92083


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  1. My mouth is watering! Thanks for finding Frank’s!!!

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