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Unknown Eater…El Asadero: 48 Years and Running!

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January 2018…  Looking for a spot to eat close to home did not bring tons of results as we live in the unincorporated area of Vista. A bus trip spelled out a couple of locations with names such as California’s Mexican Food, El Asadero and Taqueria Chabelita. El Asadero has been on my list for some time and with the family waiting at home, I felt that this would be a good choice. I had been here previously for some albondigas soup when my grandma had a cough, but I had not eaten anything there personally. Walking into the restaurant, you pass by an outdoor eating area that can house two parties and has a view of the very busy East Vista Way.

Inside, it is much darker with murals surrounding the seating along the walls. If you look closely, you can notice a mural of an older version of what the shopping mall used to look like. El Asadero is still there, but the other places have gone away. In addition to the art, there is a karaoke machine, jukebox, flat screen TV and vending machines all fitting into the empty spaces. We walked up to the menu debating what we were going to get. I had an easier time deciding than my sister who ended up getting the California burrito. A choice that makes sense because she was visiting from Oregon; she wanted to be reminded of home.

Our seats outside were quite nice. A sturdy plastic umbrella kept the beautiful California sunshine from our eyes, and the temperature was comfortable enough without needing any sort of jacket! A feat uncommon for the rest of the U.S. during the winter. We were given a complementary side of chips and salsa, and then out came our meals. As with many restaurants, the portion sizes are huge and end up taking lots of real estate in stomachs. My sister could not finish her burrito and saved it for home as I barely managed to finish the last bites of my chicken cilantro dish. It was delicious I must say. The simplicity of the seasoning was actually quite powerful as I tasted the cilantro as well as the carmelized onions. You cannot forget the traditional refried beans as well as the fresh tortillas. They also give a whole lime to break down the heaviness with the added acidity. I used the tortillas and scooped all the ingredients to get a flavor mish-mash.

As I cleaned my plate, I checked off another great Mexican restaurant in my City of Vista! I realize that I will need to come back to experience the other items on the menu. Thank you El Asadero!

  •  (760) 631-7411
  •  1717 E Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084

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