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The Surprising Finds at the Strawberry Festival

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Large crowds

Alex Hughes  — June 4, 2018, Vista, CA…It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend to have an outdoor fair! The sun was out, and the clouds had finally cleared. Bye-Bye Seattle weather! It finally started to look like California once again! I went to this Strawberry Festival to mainly check out The Vista Press booth and to see if they needed any help with anything. However, it seemed my main duty was to scope the event.

Me by the firetruck

As usual, this event gets lots of visitors and manages to make Vista the center of attention among the other North County cities. I am used to the quiet downtown area, but it was packed. They closed off portions of South Santa Fe to house huge ziplines and inflatables that kids were going wild over. Pirates towered over ten feet in the air as others squeezed off to the side to get to the vendors. I first caught notice of the two very large fire engines- one red, one white! I am used to a red fire engine not a white one. I drawn over and was given the history which began in the 30’s when Vista had these trucks donated. This particular white one was sold off to private ownership until the city bought it back. They use it as a historical piece now.

I passed by other vendors whom I have seen elsewhere at other outdoor fairs in Encinitas, San Marcos, Escondido and Oceanside. Trust me, I have been to a lot of these events! Some were selling the usual candles, soaps, jewelry, outdoor decorations, cutlery etc. I took a brief peek into some of the tents. In the future, I will be able to purchase these items. Now, I need to focus on college and saving money.

Walking through the crowds, I saw some people with very large signs about God’s wrath. I was not bothered by them, but I was actually entertained. They were handing out pamphlets, but it was quite a tough crowd. Some other sights

CBD Claims


were the dogs who came in all shapes like a Great Dane who stared me in the eyes. A dog that large definitely sends a shutter down the spine especially when they keep looking back at you. What really did catch my attention were the peddlers of CBD oil. I can’t tell you what they won’t put this in. I saw CBD tea, CBD oil, CBD for dogs, CBD bath bombs, and they got quite the attention. It definitely reminds me of a time when streetside vendors would concoct an elixir that could heal all sorts of ailments. I like to think of the episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown tries to sell “Fuzzmucker’s Celery Tonic”. It cures everything including hair loss. What is revealed is that he is making money off the people who believe it and makes it in his trailer! You should see the episode “Celeryman”.

I did enjoy the art though at Backfence Society where they had an open house. Some great works that showed the strange and evil side of strawberries. They were working on a mural on the side of their building based on the silent film actress, Margarita Pollard. You can now see the finished product which is a beautiful array of reds and oranges. Another addition of art to our downtown!

I am glad that I came out today to enjoy the weather and the liveliness of the city. It sure was a great time to feel connected to the community.


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