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The Litter Chronicles (San Marcos Edition #1)

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Alex Hughes — May 13, 2018…Reporting on the streets near San Marcos Elementary School which is on West San Marcos Blvd, I found the latest culprit,  that was hidden in the bushes. My main target was the El Mercado Market down the street, but I found that this was a hot story.

The parking lot of San Marcos Elementary School was filled with cars of faculty and possibly parents, but what lay before them was a crime scene of evidence. Littering was the name of the case. I found many of the same suspects that I have seen all over the county from the beaches to the empty fields, and that was the plastic wrapping off of snacks. Particularly for the cookies and chips that kids like to eat. Next to that were paper cups from local fast food restaurants which were flattened and crushed. I must say that this definitely speaks of what these students and parents like to eat and drink! I did notice that there was junk mail on the ground with weekly ads crinkled and yellowed from water damage.

Photos by Alex Hughes

This trash pile is hidden beneath the bushes and peek out in different areas. They have done landscaping at the end of the property, but it has merely covered what was there. I wonder if they notice the trash? It would be good if that was included with the landscaping


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