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South Vista Communities September Newsletter

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A host of terrific volunteers showed up on Saturday, September 15, for the semi-annual Buena Creek clean-up. According to Brian Nemerow, Engineering/Stormwater, City of Vista:
 Total mileage cleaned: 1⁄4 mile along Buena Creek
 Total number of volunteers: 27
 Total amount of trash removed: 953 pounds
 Total amount of recycling removed: 58 pounds

Interesting items: lawn chair, shopping carts with no wheels, gallon can full of liquid floor sealant.  A number of shopping carts were lifted out of the stream bed, and unfortunately gum wrappers and cigarette butts were prevalent everywhere.
Many thanks to all the volunteers and to the staff from Engineering/Stormwater and Public Works, who had it all organized.
See you next April for the next Buena Creek cleanpup!


MEET YOUR CANDIDATES – Vista City Council and Mayor
As in previous years, South Vista Communities and Shadowridge Owners Association co-hosted forums recently at the Shadowridge Golf Club for residents to meet and learn more about Vista candidates for November’s elections.
Voter interest in the elections appeared high, as each forum had 95 in attendance (standing room only). Candidates were questioned about new housing projects, traffic, expansion of Palomar Airport, annexation of Strawberry Hill Farm (East Vista Way), digital billboards, sale/delivery/permitting marijuana, recruiting new businesses, helping the homeless, a Vista police department, Vista’s Climate Action Plan, our biggest challenge in the next few years,,and Vista as sanctuary city.
Candidates for two of Vista’s new districts answered questions from the audience on August 30.

District 1
















District 4

Corina Contreras

John Aguilera, Incumbent







Mayoral Elections –Elections for Vista’s mayor are still held citywide, and the mayoral candidate forum was held on

Judy Ritter, Incumbent

Dominic D’Agostino

September 18.  Election Day is November 6. Deadline to register to vote is October 25.

Be sure to vote!





Joe Green

A group of twenty South Vista residents gathered to discuss key issues of concern: vehicle vandalism, graffiti, drones, litter, neighborhood watch, Access Vista software, Crime Mapping software, debris on route 78 ramps, homeless camps, and other topics.

Presenters were Crime Prevention Specialist, Deputy Henry Tirado, and Kuna Muthusamy, P.E., Public Works Director. Brochures were distributed on various crime prevention subjects, from preventing car van-dalism to creating community watch programs and vacation check-in.
Actions you can take:

➖ Get signed up for Access Vista to report issues to the city, to stay informed about large developments, and to stay connected to what’s happening around our great city.
➖ Utilize Crime Mapping app to gather information on your neighborhood.
➖ Utilize CalTrans website to help keep Route 78 ramps clean and well maintained. Your comments to CalTrans will help Vista get more attention from maintenance crews for our on- and off-ramps.
➖ If you can correct the issue safely, like picking up litter, please do so.
➖ Join in future clean up campaigns in your neigh-borhood.
➖ Connect with the VUSD Executive Director of Facilities and Maintenance, Brock Smith, to coordinate efforts to reduce or eliminate graffiti and debris.
➖ Consider creating a neighborhood watch in the various neighborhoods.

–Utilize available Sheriff’s services such as vacation home checking, senior citizen check in, etc.

➖ Discussed home security electronic considerations,(Ring cams were one option suggested to fight crime).
➖ Remind our citizens that picking up after pets in necessary for good public health.
➖ If issues with drones occur, please go to the FAA web site for direction.
➖ Improve communications and relationships with the Deputy Sheriffs, School District and the DPW (the meeting was a great start).
➖ Have a follow up meeting in six months to be held in Vista. We hope you’ll be in attendance!

If there are follow up questions, please see the emails of key personnel:
brocksmith@vistausd.org – kmuthusamy@cityofvista.com – henry.tirado@sdsheriff.org

Garry Garretson

TAKE ME HOME PROGRAM  — Every minute counts when someone you love goes missing. In January of 2017, an 80-year-old woman was found wandering along a bicycle lane on Espola Road in Poway. She was barefoot and holding a glass of water. When asked, she would only smile and could not tell deputies her name or where she lives. Deputies took her to a hospital for a checkup. They also took a photo of the woman and it turns out she was registered in the Sheriff’s Take Me Home Program as an Alzheimer’s patient. We reunited her with her worried family.
Take Me Home was created for people with special needs who may need extra help communicating in an emergency situation. Parents and caregivers can file important information with the Sheriff’s Department, along with the person’s photo and caregiver contact information should the need arise. If the person wanders away or goes missing, deputies will have access to the database and will be able to match a person to his or her description or photo to contact family members or caregivers.
The confidential database is only available to local law enforcement agencies to provide key information during a search and rescue operation.   Register your loved one now by visiting www.sdsheriff.net/tmh


Those who walk dogs in Buena Vista Park and South Buena Vista Park are pleased to see new, more informative signs being placed there.

Signs will also be placed in other city parks, as appropriate. We hope this will remind pet walkers to pick up their pet waste AND to take it with them to a trash can for disposal.
Many thanks to Kuna Muthusamy, Public Works Director, and his staff!


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