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South Vista Communities June Newsletter

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You are cordially invited to attend South Vista Communities 12th Annual Meeting Thursday, June 28 at 6:00 p.m.
Shadowridge Golf Club. Election of officers, board members-at-large Presentation of this years Above and Beyond Awards
Speaker: Kevin Ham – City of Vista Economic Development Director
What’s the buzz in Vista? Do you know what new businesses are in our city, what’s in the future?

Refreshments will be served.

The following members are presented for election to the Souith Vista Communities Board of Directors:

  • President, Stephanie Jackel (Creekside)
  • Vice President, Kathy Bagwell (Shadowridge)
  • Secretary, Lynell Ciranna (Stratford Place)
  • Treasurer, Leonard Finkel (Stratford Place)
  • At-large: Val Brown (Breeze Hill)

Pia Romano (Shadowridge) According to SVC’s by-laws, nominations may be received from the floor, provided the nominee agrees to serve if elected.

Once upon a time, Melrose Avenue was a quiet, dead-end street. But, as the city of Vista ha s grown by leaps and bounds, it’s become a major thoroughfare, not only for Vista residents, but as a commuter route for people from the surrounding communities. This scenario has led to major traffic problems and safety concerns.

At a recent South Vista Communities board meeting, members felt that traffic accidents and speeding throughout Shadowridge appeared to increase over the last year. As a result, SVC President Stephanie Jackel talked with City Traffic Engineer Sam Hasenin, City Manager Patrick Johnson, and Sheriff’s Capt. Charles Cinnamo about traffic safety and speeding control options.

As a result, actions were taken to have extra patrols throughout the community to cite speeders as well as to collect data so that a long-term traffic safety plan could be devised. The goal: to make our streets safer and less congested. In the past few months, many South Vista residents noticed and commented, especially on the Nextdoor community website, about the increased presence of Sheriff’s and motorcycle patrols, mostly on So. Melrose and Shadowridge Drive. I frequently noticed a patrol car stationed at the intersection of my corner and Melrose. I always stopped to thank whoever was stationed there.

On May 10, SVC hosted a community meeting attended by Mr. Johnson, Mr. Hasinen, Captain Cinnamo and Sgt. Hernan Gonzalez. They shared their data and discussed what has been already implemented as well as what can and will be done to effect traffic control.

Sam Hasinen explained the collected data (going back five years in some cases, to check accident fre-quency). Some of the information had already been used as justification for adding traffic lights, stop signs, and speed mitigating devices. He detailed many traffic improvements the City has already implemented, including larger and more prominent speed limit signs, “signal ahead” and “curve ahead” road signs; better striping on the roads; more radar driver feed-back signage, and better signal timing at peak traffic hours.

Sam was particularly glad to tell attendees about a new grant-funded signal management system that Vista will start to use in the next year. Using cameras, it allows traffic engineers to control signals from their offices in real time, allowing for smoother traffic flow.

Sgt. Gonzalez explained that, contrary to popular belief, most cited speeders were Vista residents. He had a wealth of information and explained why more stop signs would not benefit the traffic on Shad-owridge and would cause more problems for patrols, due to unwarranted traffic stops being overturned in the courts.
Among other topics, Capt. Cinnamo explained that the Sheriff’s department has the whole of Vista to patrol, including crime, accidents, and traffic control. They base where the patrols are most needed on data.

A board in his office where he records where the most complaints or negative incidents occur. That influ-ences where he sends his patrols. It’s a fact that being a member of an organization like SVC can have an impact. It pays to speak up as individuals, but there is strength in numbers.

Questions from the audience were encouraged and answered. It was recommended that any community which thinks it needs to change road signage or traffic flow in that neighborhoods, such as those in attend-ance from Brookhaven Pass area, should gather sig-natures of 75% of the existing residents in that area. At that point, the City of Vista would be able to look at making changes that help with safety or traffic flow.

The final word from Capt. Cinnamo and Sgt. Gonzalez, “SHARE THE TRAFFIC RULES.” Talk about what Vista Sheriff patrols are doing, so others know. They stressed that if everyone in the community encouraged everyone else to follow the rules and did the same, we would have safer streets. Lead by example and teach your children to follow traffic rules. – Lynell Ciranna


5.10.18 South Vista Communities … Traffic Engineer Sam Hasenin’s Power-Point presentation on new traffic control methods.

 Received complaints about speeding and safety
 Analyzed five years of accidents on S. Melrose Drive between Buena Vista Drive and Sycamore Avenue
 DUI and/or late night/early morning pattern found

Replace existing Speed Limit signs with larger signs
Install an additional Speed Limit sign in the raised center median to supplement all existing Speed Limit signs that are on the right hand side
Install Curve Warning signs for northbound traffic approaching the curve south of Shadowridge Drive
Install at least two radar driver feedback signs in August 2018 (budgeted next fiscal year)

 Install additional Signal Ahead warning signs in the raised center median to supplement all existing Signal Ahead warning signs that are on the right hand side
 Install Signal Ahead warning signs where they do not exist and are needed
 Request Sheriff’s Department enforcement
 Review the signal timing and make any needed refinements to ensure optimal progression of traffic during peak commute hours.

 Analyzed five years of accidents at the signalized intersections
 Rear end and red light running, although the numbers are not unusually high

 Install additional Signal Ahead warning signs in the raised center median to supplement all existing Signal Ahead warning signs that are on the right hand side
 Install Signal Ahead warning signs where they do not exist and are needed
 Request Sheriff’s Department enforcement
 Review the signal timing and make any needed refinements to ensure optimal progression of traffic during peak commute hours

 Analyzed five years of accidents at the unsignalized intersections
 Countryside Drive/Stratford Place
 Dawson Drive
 No pattern found
 They do not meet State traffic signal warrants


FOR YOUR CALENDAR ‐ Vista Election Candidate Forums
This is the first year Vista residents will vote for City Council members using the new district designations. Elections will be held in November for Districts 1 and 4, with residents in those districts only voting for the candidates. The mayoral election is city-wide, with all residents voting for mayor.
South Vista Communities and Shadowridge Owners Association will sponsor two forums at the Shadowridge Golf Club:
City Council Candidate Forum: Thursday, August 30, from 7-9pm
Mayoral Candidate Forum: Tuesday, September 18, from 7-9pm

The California Public Utilities Commission will hold several public forums and information sessions to provide an opportunity for customers of Southern California Gas Company and San Diego Gas & Electric to give their input about the request of the utilities to increase rates in 2019-2022. Written comments will also be accepted.


 The most recent newsletter from Save Carlsbad says, “According to our last conversation with the County regarding where it stands on reviewing the more than 500 pages of public comments it received on its new 20-yr Master Plan for McClellan-Palomar Airport, it is still working through the paperwork and there is no anticipated date for completion.”
 Citizens for a Friendly Airport (Carlsbad) says the city of Carlsbad is having a town-hall style workshop on the airport expansion and master plan on Tuesday, June 19, 6-9 p.m. The workshop will be held at 1635 Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad, and the public is welcome to attend.

If you haven’t read Carlsbad’s excellent letter to San Diego County about the airport master plan / draft environmental impact report, it is at: http://www.carlsbadca.gov/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?lobID=35622


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