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South Vista Communities February Newsletter

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Leaders of Carlsbad’s Citizens for a Friendly Airport presented their case against the proposed expansion of the McClellan-Palomar Airport — and for a vote on the proposal by Carlsbad residents — at South Vista Communities’ January 25 meeting.
We were pleased to have Mayor Judy Ritter and City Council members Amanda Rigby and John Franklin present for the discussion.
Hope Nelson, Vickie Syage, Michael Schertzer, and Graham Thorley described the expansion plan and its expected negative impacts on Carlsbad, Vista, and San Marcos:

• The County’s new airport plan includes lengthening the current airport runway by a total of 800 feet; 200 feet immediately, followed by 600 additional feet. If funding is made available, all 800 feet could be added immediately.
* Current Palomar Airport runway length:4897 feet
* Proposed Palomar Airport runway length:  5697 feet

What the County’s plan really means: PALOMAR AIRPORT WILL BECOME LIKE JOHN WAYNE


5697 foot runway             5701 foot runway

Voluntary flight path    Restricted flight path

Operates 24/7 Voluntary Quiet Hours      Quiet Hours: 11 pm – 7 am

Planes of all sizes would be permitted to fly all hours of the day and night….

This new airport plan will destroy our Quality of Life: Noise: Airport with 24/7 permissible operating hours and no quiet times.
Larger commercial planes and larger corporate jets – Lots more.

Real Estate Values—Real estate values decrease by approximately 30% around an airport as compared to homes without airport noise – per the FAA

Traffic: Palomar Airport Road is at its peak capacity now, with no plan to address increased traffic and no space for road expansion.

In 2016, over 10 million passengers used John Wayne.


• Carlsbad’s Citizens Initiative – 1980
In 1979, shortly after being annexed into the City, the Citizens of Carlsbad were concerned about airport growth at Palomar.
They wanted to make sure that the Citizens of Carlsbad had a say in how the airport would grow in the future. Specifically, they DIDN’T want the airport to expand, unless the majority of Carlsbad voters said, “Okay.” There was a deep concern that Palomar Airport could become the next Lindbergh Field.
The Citizens Initiative led to the City Council’s passing Carlsbad City Ordinance 21.53.015 in 1980, which cannot be changed or repealed by the current or future City Councils. It can only be changed by a citywide vote.

• Here is the actual Carlsbad Municipal Ordinance 21.53.015, taken directly from the City of Carlsbad’s Municipal Code:

21.53.015 Voter authorization required for airport expansion.
(a) The city council shall not approve any zone change, general plan amendment or any other legislative enactment necessary to authorize expansion of any airport in the city nor shall the city commence any action or spend any funds preparatory to or in anticipation of such approvals without having been first authorized to do so by a majority vote of the qualified electors of the city voting at an election for such purposes.
(b) This section was proposed by initiative petition and adopted by the vote of the city council without submission to the voters and it shall not be repealed or amended except by a vote of the people. (Ord. 9804 § 5, 1986; Ord. 9558 § 1, 1980)

•Conditional Use Permit—CUP 172 – (1980)

After the Citizens Initiative passed, within weeks the City of Carlsbad adopted a Conditional Use Permit for the County to abide by for all airport changes. This Conditional Use Permit is called “CUP-172.” CUP-172 was designed to outline the conditions under which the Citizens Initiative would be implemented.
Palomar Airport is unique in that the County owns and operates the airport. Like all US airports, it is under the control of the FAA, but the Citizens of Carlsbad have authority by way of a vote, on whether or not the airport can expand. It is the ONLY airport in the US to operate this way because of the 1980 Citizens Initiative.
Carlsbad citizens are entitled to vote on these air-port changes. The airport expansion will be at the expense of Carlsbad residents — and, they believe that, by law, they have the right to decide if they want these changes in their hometown. The airport expansion will also be at the expense of residents of Vista, Oceanside, and San Marcos. Read the EIR www.PalomarAirportMP.com and send in your comments PalomarMP@sdcounty.ca.gov before Monday, March 19.

How can you help to prevent an expansion of Palomar Airport?  It’s simple. Get involved!  Citizens for a Friendly Airport needs grass roots support from all communities affected!

Here are 5 easy steps to take TODAY!

• Sign up for notifications on our website www.c4fa.org … and Donate!
• Like us on Facebook, Citizens for a Friendly Airport. SHARE with your friends.
• Review the McClellan-Palomar Airport Master Plan Environmental Impact Report at https:/Iwww.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/dpw/airports/palomar/masterplan.html
Here you will find detailed information regarding the County’s plan. Submitting your comments, questions, and challenges is ESSENTIAL in order to get all the information on the table for everyone to see.

Deadline for submission is March 19, 2018

• Email your Mayor, City Council, and City Manager regarding the proposed Palomar Airport Master Plan. Let them know how the expansion will affect you, your family, and your quality of life.
• Request your city officials contact the County asking for an extension to the comment period for a total period of three months – Cynthia Curtis at PalomarMP@sdcounty.ca.gov  


Nicki Hobson (L) was honored at the meeting as a retiring Board member of South Vista Communities since 2008 and treasurer since 2012; Stephanie Jackel holds the award plaque. Lynell Ciranna was appointed treasurer by the Board to fill the vacancy.


Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fire and medical services will have to prioritize the use of their response resources. Individual preparedness, as well as the ability to safely and effectively assist others, allows
members of the community to care for themselves until more help arrives.
The Vista CERT program is offering a training pro-gram beginning March 29th and meeting on Thursday nights from 6:30 pm for 8 weeks with a final disaster simulation on Saturday May 19th. The class will meet at the Public Safety Training Center at 184 Santar Place, in San Marcos. Enrollment and materials are free of charge and open to individuals 18 years of age or older. Upon completion of the course, participants will be invited to join the Vista CERT team, although doing so is not a requirement. To register please contact Sandy Hopkins at sandah@cox.net, or visit the Vista CERT website at www.vistacert.org to sign up or email Ned Vander Pol at nvanderpol@cityofvista.com.

Class Schedule:

  • March 29th Disaster Preparedness
  • April 5th Fire safety
  • April 12th Organization
  • April 19th Medical #1
  • April 26th Medical #2
  • May 3rd Psychology
  • May 10th Search & Rescue
  • May 17th Terrorism
  • May 19th Disaster Simulation Drill

Madison Farfan, a Rancho Buena Vista senior and resident of Creekside neighborhood, has caused a significant public safety improvement for her street.

Madison Writes……As a student in twelfth grade at Rancho Buena Vista High School, there are a few mandatory senior activities given in History classes that are required to graduate. One of these activities includes participating in city events around the county; such as City Council meetings. After researching for upcoming events, I finally found an event that worked with my schedule, a Traffic Commission meeting for the city of San Marcos.
In order to fulfill all portions of the requirement for my class grade and receive some extra points, it is optional to write a letter to the head commissioner of the meeting. In the letter we must include either a question or problem in our community, in hopes that we receive a response back. In my letter I addressed a concern that affected me:

an intersection in my neighborhood, where a stop sign was rarely followed by anyone driving down the street.
Although I am not a member of the San Marcos community, I was shocked when the lead commissioner, Charles Buckley, arrived at my doorstep and introduced himself. He reported that after reading my letter, he had called the City of Vista and had asked their permission to begin construction plans on the intersection. As a result of my letter, the stop sign was placed at a better angle on the street corner, and the word “STOP” will be painted in the road. Not only that, but through this process, the sidewalks on either side were completely torn out and ramps installed because they were found not to comply with the American Disability Act.
I never expected to have a simple letter read, addressed, and actions completed. It’s proof positive that your participation in your city’s affairs does truly work. — Madison Farfan

The Vista Irrigation District and San Diego Water Authority invite you to be their guest at a free landscape design workshop.

• Saturday, April 14
• 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
• Vista Irrigation District, 1391 Engineer Street, Vista

Register at http://bit.ly/Vista-Apr14  Discover step-by-step techniques to create your own beautiful, water-efficient landscape.

TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Join us in keeping Vista a special place to live. Visit our website www.southvistacommunities.org to find our membership form or simply to sign up for our email information and updates.



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