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Roundabout Sculpture Artist

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Michael Angelo Venturella

In July 2015, a Call to Artists was issued for an art installation at the Paseo Santa Fe Roundabout. The City received nine submittals by six artists before the September 28, 2015 deadline. On October 6, 2015, the Public Arts Commission reviewed the submitted designs and selected “Prima Vista” as the winning design. “Prima Vista” depicts two large spiraling wood structures constructed from Brazilian Ironwood called Ipe (pronounced EE -pay). The wood was selected due to its strength, durability, and ability to withstand weather conditions. Concrete footings will support two 12′ steel rods that provide structural stability. Additional footings secure the spiraling wood pieces to the ground. Halfway up the sculpture, the two structures connect adding additional stability.
The artist is Michael Angelo Venturello, a Vista native who aims to enhance the fabric of our community through art and design. He has watched the beautification of the city with eagerness for years, waiting for the opportunity to take part. Recently graduating from NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Michael is working to become a licensed Architect and hopes this will be the first of many projects he works on for our beautiful city.
The sculpture’s name, “Prima Vista” meaning “first sight” refers to “ love at first sight.” The structure is composed of two spiraling stacks of Brazilian Ironwood, resembling two bodies that are caught in an embrace mid-dance. The two pieces come together to share a single piece of wood at the center, symbolic of their bond.
The schedule for the installation of the sculpture has been delayed, but should be completed in the next 30 days.

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