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Retail Runs – A Look at Empty Storefronts (Part 4)

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Alex Hughes —  March 2018 …At Townsite Drive along East Vista Way, there is a short cul-de-sac where a suite of medical buildings lays dormant. “For Rent” is commonly displayed on the front waiting for its next tenant. It was once an urgent care center by the name of Graybill Medical Group that was placed right next to a Jack in the Box.

Now, we take a left on East Vista Way to a shopping center right near Los Cabos, a beachy themed Mexican restaurant, where there were three businesses located. I remember walking into this center to Radio Shack, in 2015, but they have closed many locations since then. It is barely noticeable now, with the signs being torn off; a message from the Sheriff’s on one of the storefronts. It was discovered months ago that there was another illegal dispensary operating here by the name of Vista 5 Gram. Clearly, something was amiss, when cars and people would constantly go in and out of the shopping center without any businesses. In addition, there were evidence of paraphernalia on the ground. No one has decided to rent these out, and the whole lot is actually up for sale: http://www.duhscommercial.com/property/freestanding-commercial-building-732-e-vista-way-0.

Across the street, there was a shoe store, “Shoes R Us” that lasted a few months but fell through. I took a picture in September, but today, I found that MEXCANDY has taken over. I visited this place a couple of weeks ago as seen here: http://thevistapress.com/party-city-mexican-style/. It seems that it is still in the phases of setting up shop.

Photos by Alex Hughes

Wildwood Park is located in the corner and so are two more office oriented buildings. Each houses businesses such as barbershops, tax services and nail salons. A sign company, 78 Sign Company, took one of the vacant spaces and a large portion of the sign that used to say “For Lease”. It is a comforting sight to see that businesses are beginning to move into this area: filling in what used to be empty.

I’ll leave off with what used to be a podiatrist’s office by the name of Family Footcare right across the street from Vista Magnet Middle School. By 2015, it was gone and the building became vacant. That was until bars appeared on the windows and security cameras were installed in front. Once again along East Vista Way, it became an illegal marijuana dispensary by the name of $18 Shatter. It had the same characteristics of Vista 5 Gram and was raided. At least now, the students can walk by without worrying about drug sales and its influences.


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