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The Pisces Project PT II

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– Primary Inhalator Self Contained Emergency Survival

Thomas Calabrese…..Mike saw the concerned look on his friend’s face, “Something wrong?”

“They got Jenny,” Kyle whispered.

“Who are they?” Mike asked.

“My guess is that it’s the same people who killed Christian Greising,” Kyle responded as he held his emotions in check.

Jenny was being held in a warehouse by armed mercenaries in the Rancho Del Oro area of Oceanside. Any other girl would be scared to death, but after being stranded in a car for three days and watching her mother die before her eyes, nothing intimidated or instilled fear in this unique young girl, “What are you knuckleheads planning, or do you even know?”

Grigori Fedorov, a brute of a man, with a thick black beard, shaved head and gray sullen eyes, replied, “Shut up little girl or I’ll shove a rag in your mouth.”

Kyle, Mike, Admiral Kelly and General Lawford were at the Majors’ home when Kyle’s cellphone rang, “Yeah.”

“We want the suit, your technology and Doctor Carling’s research,” Eric Blumenthal said.

“Is that why you took my daughter?” Kyle asked.

“Exactly, but don’t worry, she’s fine.”

“I need proof of life before I do anything, that is non-negotiable,” Kyle demanded.

“Be expecting a call in five minutes,” Eric hung up.

Kyle turned to the men in the room, “I now know that the man on the phone is not in the same location as where Jenny is being held,” and walked over to his computer and pressed several keys, “Jenny can be a little adventurous so I put a tracking device in her wheelchair so I would always know where she was,” A red dot appeared on the screen and Kyle turned to Admiral Kelly, “I need a team.”

When Eric Blumenthal called back, he emphasized the point, “I know your qualifications, but remember…anything that goes wrong or even if I suspect that things are going off track, your daughter dies first, no matter what else happens, understand?”

“I understand completely, Kyle replied, “Just as long as you understand that you take care of my daughter as if your life depended on it…because it does.”

Kyle called Terry, “Jenny has been kidnapped.”

“When, who, what are you going to do?”  Terry didn’t know what question to ask first.

“After school, I don’t know who, but I’m going to get her back,” Kyle answered all three questions without hesitation.

“Not without me.”

Kyle, Mike, Terry, Admiral Kelly and General Lawford were with a team of Navy Seals and Force Recon Marines in the 41 area of Camp Pendleton.

“This a military operation, you can come along as a courtesy because of your previous military experience, but if we’re using Marine Corps assets then my Marines are in charge,” General Lawford warned.

“Not a chance, I’ve developed technology that will save your Marines’ lives, but if you pull jurisdictional crap on me with my daughter’s life on the line, I swear, I’ll destroy it before I give the military any of it… you got my word on it.”

Admiral Kelly pulled General Lawford aside, “Harold, Majors is more than qualified to lead this mission and he’s right, his technology will save American lives. Let him do this.”

General Lawford thought about the situation for several seconds then walked over and extended his right hand, “You drive a hard bargain…good luck.”

It was thirty minutes later when Eric Blumenthal called, “Do you have everything yet?”

“Just about, I’ll have it all within two hours,” Kyle answered.

“I’m sending you partial instructions, follow them exactly,” Eric disconnected without waiting for a reply.

When Kyle looked at his phone, the text informed him to be at the entrance to the Oceanside Harbor at 1400 hours, “Once we get Jenny back then we’ll go after the man in charge,” Kyle turned to Admiral Kelly, “They are offshore, my guess is between twenty and fifty miles offshore. Can you get some high altitude surveillance in the area?”

“Affirmative,” Admiral Kelly responded.

When Kyle, Mike, Terry, Navy Seals and Marines landed by helicopter in the open field behind the Coca Cola distribution warehouse in Oceanside, Kyle turned to Terry, “Stay on my hip.”

“Just as if we were surgically connected, “Terry grinned.

“Captain Isner, get me a drone in the air with thermal imaging capabilities,” Kyle said.

“Roger that,” Captain Isner responded.

Five minutes later, the drone began transmitting multi-colored images of the occupants inside the warehouse, Mike commented, “Looks like we got nine bogeys.”

Kyle looked closer at the size of the images and made a determination, “This small one is Jenny.”

A Navy Seal raced up in a government vehicle with a set of blueprints and handed them to Commander Benjamin, who set them on the ground. It only took Kyle thirty seconds to develop a plan, “Captain Isner, Marines will take the front and west side, Seals got rear and east side.”

“Affirmative, what about you and Terry?”  Mike asked.

“We’ll take the roof,” Kyle answered.

Two Coca Cola trucks drove up, a Marine was driving one and a Navy Seal was driving another, both were dressed in Coca Cola uniforms, the Marines and Navy Seals got in their respective trucks and Kyle and Terry climbed on top of the truck that had the Marines in it and Mike hoisted up a ladder.

Grigori Federov looked out the window when he heard the sound of engines, but quickly dismissed it as unimportant when he saw the Coca Cola trucks pass by. The vehicles stopped at the end of the building and Kyle placed the ladder against the exterior wall and held it steady as Terry climbed up. Once she reached the roof, Kyle followed as the Marines and the Navy Seals got in position and waited. Kyle drilled a small hole through the roof, inserted a tube telescope, scanned the interior of the building and relayed pertinent Intel to the Marines and Navy personnel below.

Terry used a screwdriver to loosen a large vent cover while Kyle anchored two nylon ropes with locking carabiners to a large pipe. They both put on their heat resistant gloves to keep the friction from burning the flesh off their hands when they slid down the rope and quietly moved the vent cover out of the way, exposing a three foot square hole. The floor of the warehouse was forty feet below and Terry dropped the other end of the ropes to the concrete floor below and Kyle and Terry sat on the edge of the opening and gripped the rope, “Go!” Kyle radioed.

Simultaneously, the Marines and Navy Seals breeched the warehouse by placing shape charges at the entrances while Kyle and Terry fast roped down in less than two seconds. The teams took out all the terrorists in military efficiency except for Grigori Federov who pulled Jenny out of the wheelchair and used her as a shield, a split second before Kyle and Terry could reach her. The Marines and Navy Seals drew down on the lone surviving terrorist, “Stand down!” Kyle ordered, “I got this.”

Jenny smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Kyle looked puzzled, but Jenny quickly explained her statement, “Did you really think that I didn’t know about the tracking device you put in my wheelchair?”

“I’m a dead man walking,” Grigori stated matter of factly as he placed his massive forearm under her chin,” Even if you kill me, I might just live long enough to snap your daughter’s neck, just out of reflex…no matter how good a shot you are.”

“Call his bluff, dad, put one right through his Medulla Oblongata and you’ll shut this big dufus off like a light switch,” Jenny snarled.

“He’s right, there’s a slim chance that his involuntary muscle reflex might cause you serious injury, I don’t want to take that risk,” Kyle replied, “I got a deal for you, let my daughter go and if you can beat me in a fight, I’ll give you an hour head start, but if you lose, you tell us everything you know about the organization that you’re working for.”

Grigori hesitated for several seconds before Kyle interjected, “Your other option is I take my daughter’s advice and go for the kill shot.”

When Grigori let go of Jenny, she was able to stand up on her own without falling even though she was teetering from side to side.

“I will enjoy killing you,” Grigori stated without emotion, “I accept your offer.”

Terry nudged Kyle, “She’s standing.”

“I am standing aren’t I,” Jenny looked at her legs in amazement, “I guess I just needed the right adrenalin rush.” When Jenny started to fall, Terry rushed over and caught her.

Five minutes later, the Marines and Navy Seals stood in a circle to create a makeshift ring. Most of them were unfamiliar with Kyle so when they looked at Grigori Federov, who overweighed Kyle by one hundred pounds and was built like a body builder on a double dose of steroids, they couldn’t help but have their doubts.  Kyle was standing on one side and Grigori was on the other end and both men were bare-chested. Mike looked at the huge man, “That is one big slab of beef, you sure that you don’t want me to tenderize him with a few well-placed shots?”

“He might have something we can use,” Kyle answered.

Terry looked at her watch, “You only have forty minutes to be at the harbor, so whatever you do… do it damn quick.”

Jenny hugged her father with one arm, “I ‘m here if you need me,” and used her other to steady herself with Terry’s help.

“Let’s do this,” Kyle walked forward, Grigori lifted his fists so that they were right alongside his cheeks and kept his elbows close to his ribs. He tucked his chin into his chest and exposed his big bald head as an easy and inviting target.

Many a fighter had busted his knuckles when he hit that rock hard skull, but Kyle was a seasoned fighter and too smart to take the bait.  He snapped out his right hand and hit the top of Grigori’s head with the heel of his hand and it stopped the terrorist in his tracks. Grigori shook his head, but kept approaching, but Kyle was like a cobra with a sledgehammer fang. The blows completely disoriented Grigori and when he lowered his fists just a couple inches in frustration, Kyle stepped forward, bent his knees and exploded upward with a vicious uppercut that literally knocked out his bigger adversary. Grigori swayed like a big oak tree that been cut through at the trunk, Kyle came around behind the huge Russian and put him in a sleeper hold until he lapsed into unconsciousness.

“I never doubted you for a second, “Mike grinned.

“Captain Isner, give this bozo a couple minutes to come to, then interrogate him and relay any Intel to us, we’re heading to the harbor,” Kyle picked up his daughter in his arms.

Three SUV’s raced west on Highway 76 to the Harbor with Kyle, Mike, Jenny and Terry in the lead vehicle and the rest of the Navy Seals following close behind, “We got ten minutes,” Terry commented.

“Check and see what the Admiral has for us on surveillance,” Kyle said.

Mike called Admiral Kelly, “We’re on our way to the Oceanside Harbor and we got Kyle’s daughter with us.  Any surveillance Intel, sir?

“Cloud cover is too thick, can’t get anything,” Admiral Kelly responded, “you’re flying blind on this one.”

Kyle guessed right, a large heavily armed freighter was anchored thirty miles due west of Oceanside. Eric was sitting in the Captain’s chair on the bridge when Petra Dvorak entered, “Do you still feel confident that Majors will cooperate?”

“Yes Sir,” Petra did her best to sound self- assured.

Kyle assumed that the harbor would be watched so they pulled into the Del Mar gate of Camp Pendleton which was right across from the entrance to Oceanside harbor, Several Marine Corps helicopters were waiting for them in a playground in the middle of Del Mar base housing. Everybody got out of their vehicles and Kyle double-checked the equipment he was supposed to bring to Eric Blumenthal.

“Do you want a tracking device?” Mike asked.

“No, I’m pretty sure they’ll scan me. I put a radio transmitter in with the equipment; I’ll contact you once I get to where they’re taking me.”

“We got Jenny back, why take the risk?” Terry asked.

“Two reasons; first one, they killed Christian and second, they won’t stop coming after me,” Kyle kissed Terry, “I’ll be fine.”

“Be careful, Dad,” Jenny said, “When you get back, I’ll make the pancakes.”

Mike received a call as Kyle got into the SUV, “It’s Captain Isner, they couldn’t get anything from the guy you beat up. He said he was hired to do the kidnapping, but never met the person in  charge.”

“I thought you said we’d get something from him?” Terry interjected.

“I said might,” Kyle answered, “It is just like research, not everything works out like we hope, but that’s behind us now, we’ve already moved on to Plan B. You need to keep up with the program.”

“I need to keep up, is that what you said?” Terry grabbed Kyle by the shirt and pulled him close,” Don’t make me kick your six in front of your playmates.”

Kyle kissed Terry, “Did I ever tell you I’m a sucker for tough beautiful women.”

Jenny interjected, “I can vouch for that.”

Men from Globalus were situated at various locations around the harbor as Kyle drove to his assigned designation and each one reported in when they did not see anyone following him. An ocean speedboat raced up to the dock and two men jumped out. One man quickly spanned Kyle to make sure that he did not have any weapons or communications devices on it.

“Where’s the equipment?” the second man asked.

“In the back of the SUV,” Kyle answered.

The second man unloaded the equipment from the vehicle, scanned it and checked its content before loading it into the speedboat then turned to Kyle, “Get in.”

Kyle complied and once he was in the boat, the driver left the harbor and headed south across the coastline for a half mile before making a U-turn and raced back north. When he decided he was not being followed, he turned west, put the throttle all the way down and headed out to open seas. He emitted a large smoke screen that obscured the boat from view as it bounced over the waves.

Thirty minutes later, the speedboat pulled up along the freighter as a crane lowered two cables. The men aboard the speedboat connected the thick braided wires to tie-downs and signaled that they were ready to be hoisted above.

Once the boat was on deck, Eric approached Kyle, “Welcome aboard.”

The equipment was set out on the deck of the freighter as several men stepped forward to examine it, “These men are my team of scientists, they are checking to make sure that you brought the correct items.”

One of the scientists gave the thumbs up to Eric who turned to Kyle, “Wise decision, I would have been very upset if you started off our relationship with deceit.”

“What’s next?” Kyle asked.

“We’ll have a nice dinner and when you are properly nourished and your brain cells are operating at full efficiency, you’ll bring my team of experts up to speed on your research.”

“No problem,” Kyle responded.

“Just in case, you were able to slip some type of device aboard that you hoped would transmit your location to your friends back on shore, everything for a circumference of five miles is blocked except for our own encrypted frequency,” Eric warned.

“When you put it that way, let’s eat so I can get to work and get the hell out of here,” Kyle answered.

Back on shore, there was great concern over the whereabouts of Kyle.  Mike paced back and forth, “Same old Kyle, always willing to put his life on the line, I hope he didn’t push it too far this time.”

“He didn’t! My dad can handle whatever he sets his mind to,” Jenny lashed out.

“Of course he can, we’re just worried about him,” Terry said.

Petty Officer Riley Carlson walked over, “I got something that might work.”

“Go for it,” Mike encouraged.

“A couple years ago when I was on a mission and we were trying to contact another team, I kept this getting weird feedback, you know like when you hear your own voice when you talk on your cellphone?”

“Got it,” Mike replied.

“I don’t want to get too technical, but by using a special directional radio transmitter, I was able to determine which areas were blocked and how to get my transmissions around them.”

Jenny smiled, “If I understand correctly, you’re saying that you can shoot radio waves across the ocean and when you get that feedback, then you’ll know where radio frequencies cannot penetrate…and that’s where my dad might be.”

Petty Officer Carlson smiled and nodded.

“What are you are waiting for?” Terry responded.

Back on ship, Eric Blumenthal had finished  his dinner with Kyle and sent him to work with his scientists, but something didn’t seem right, all of a sudden it came to him so he picked up his phone and called Stavros and when he didn’t get an answer, his worst fears were confirmed. He called Petra, “Dvorak! Get in here!”

Petra entered the private cabin, “Yes sir.”

“Remember when you said that Majors’ Achilles heel was his daughter?”

“Yes sir.”

“Majors has not asked about his daughter once since he set foot on this ship and I can’t reach Stavros.”

“Are you thinking that he rescued her already?” Petra guessed.

“That is exactly what I’m thinking, we need to take what we already have, kill him and get the hell out of here because we’ve lost our leverage.”

Back on shore, Petty Officer Riley Carlson located the blocked area, “I got it!”

“Let’s move!” Mike called out.

The Navy Seals and Force Recon Marines boarded five helicopters and headed out to sea. At the same time Kyle was explaining the swimming and breathing techniques to the scientists as two armed guards stood nearby while looking for an opening to make his move. Eric Blumenthal was in his state room when the radar operator called him, “I’ve got five blips on the screen, coming in low and fast, looks like military helicopters.”

“Sound the alert, get ready to repel boarders,” Eric ordered.

A loud siren echoed through the ship and Kyle knew this was his time to make his move. When the guards momentarily looked away, he rushed at them. He disarmed one man then shot both of them dead. Kyle turned to the scientists, “Stay down, I’ll kill the first man who stands up and leaves this room!” When he looked out the porthole, he could see the helicopters flying low over the ocean. He took both weapons and rushed topside, shooting several armed men along the way. When he got on deck, he opened fire on two men who were manning a fifty caliber machine gun, then took control of the weapon and unleashed a hail of gunfire, killing and wounded twenty men in the bloody barrage.

Below deck, Eric was rushing down the metal stairs to the bottom of the ship when he passed Petra, “Where are you going, sir?”

“I need to take care of something, go help the others,” Eric rushed off and Petra had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

As the helicopters approached, Kyle gave them cover fire as bullets were flying and ricocheting off the metal. The helicopter began laying down suppressive fire and Kyle dived into a hatch to avoid being killed from machine gun fire. The Marines and Navy Seals fast roped to the deck of the ship and engaged the enemy in close quarters and hand to hand combat.

The escape submarine was thirty feet in length and a man was waiting for Eric when he arrived, “We need to launch immediately, ‘Eric ordered.

Both men got into the submarine and the bottom of the freighter opened and the submarine slowly lowered into the water.

When Terry and Mike landed on the deck with several other Navy Seals, they scanned the area while shooting at the armed men on ship.

“Kyle!” Terry yelled out as she fired at two men on the fantail.

“Kyle!” Mike called out.

Kyle stood up, “Over here!”

Petra Dvorak was hiding behind the railing above Kyle and stood up to take a shot, but Terry saw her and was too quick on the trigger. She put two rounds into the woman’s chest and Petra fell twenty feet and impaled herself on a metal pole.

One of the helicopters took a hit to its tail rotor and began spinning out of control. It crash landed in the ocean and Marines began swimming out of the downed aircraft. Off in the distance, a hovercraft from the unit called the ‘Swift Intruders’ was racing in their direction to offer their assistance.

Kyle, Mike and Terry managed to squeeze into the same small place of cover and concealment, “How’d you find me?” Kyle asked.

“Petty Officer Carlson will explain it to you,” Mike answered, then added, “You alright?”

“Yeah, there’s one guy we need to find.”

The gunfire was coming from everywhere as Navy Seals and Marines continued to engage the well- armed crew on the freighter.

Kyle heard a rumbling then crawled over to the railing and looked down. He could barely see the top of the submarine as it began to submerge. “Follow me!”

The trio ran for the hatch and when one of the armed crewmen stepped in front of Kyle, he kicked him so hard in the chest that he was propelled over the railing and into the ocean. When they got down below, the scientists were still lying flat on the floor, too afraid to move. Kyle quickly slipped on the wetsuit, grabbed the fins, diving helmet and oxygen converter and raced up back up the stairs followed by Mike and Terry.

Two platoons of Marines were on the hovercraft and once they boarded the freighter, it was only a matter of minutes before the remaining crew members were either killed on surrendered.

“Mike called out, “Search every deck from bow to stern! There are men down below. Go get them and be careful!”

Kyle quickly determined that Eric Blumenthal was on the submarine so they rushed up to the bridge to use the sonar. When he saw a blip on the screen Kyle determined that it was a thousand yards away and moving in a southwest directional heading at a depth of two hundred feet with a speed of fourteen knots.

“I need an underwater shape charge and timer,” Kyle said.

A minute later, A Navy Seal returned with the explosive as Mike turned the freighter to the same heading as the escaping submarine and put the diesel engines at full speed ahead.

Kyle made his way to the fantail of the ship and strapped on his special dolphin fins and inserted the oxygen hose into his mouth and put on the special swim mask. He extended the palm of his hand and Terry slapped it then jumped off the back of the freighter and in thirty seconds he was swimming alongside the large ship and two minutes later, he had passed it.  Kyle dived underwater to a depth of one hundred fifty feet and pushed himself to catch up to the submarine.

Eric Blumenthal mistakenly assumed that he had made a clean getaway and was caught completely off guard when he looked up through the pressure resistance borosilicate glass dome of the submarine and saw a swimmer above him. He recognized that it was Majors when he was within ten feet of his underwater vessel. Kyle held the explosive device for Eric to see, and then attached the shape charge to the glass dome. Eric was panic stricken when Kyle waved goodbye and swam away. Kyle barely heard the muffled explosion from the surface of the ocean then began swimming to intersect the freighter.

“There he is,” Mike called out as he looked through high powered binoculars. “Heading is two six zero degrees.”

The freighter pulled alongside Kyle as Mike and Terry looked over the railing, “I think I’ll swim in,” Kyle smiled.

“We’re twenty five miles from shore,” Terry pointed out.

“It will give me a chance to burn up some negative energy,” Kyle answered, “I’ll race you back, loser buys dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack.”

Mike called to the Navy Seals on the bridge, “Set a course for the harbor, and put the pedal to the metal!”

Kyle had already booked reservations at the restaurant by the time the freighter reached the mouth of the harbor.


The solar cycle naturally adjusted itself and the crisis quickly subsided in California and other food producing coastal areas when the ocean currents, wind and rainfall returned to their normal patterns.

Jenny was making rapid progress with her rehabilitation program at Project Walk in Carlsbad and set the ambitious goals of walking normally in three months and running in the Rock n’ Roll marathon the following year. No one doubted she could do it.

Even though the food shortage was over, Kyle and Terry continued working on their experiments while training military personnel in the use of their techniques. They combined their honeymoon on the Italian Rivera with several seminars to NATO forces.

They also made themselves available whenever their unique services were needed to combat Globalus and other criminal organizations. You would not be wrong if you said that the world was a safer place because of Kyle Majors and The Pisces Project.    

The End






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    Great story fantastic imagination really enjoyed it all including the epilogue.

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    Mr. Calabrese’s action packed story about a very believable scenario. I don’t think I will ever pass by the Coca Cola Plant or visit the Oceanside Harbor without remembering this story. Great story and merits “Two Thumbs Up”.

  3. Guy says:

    Wow! what a story…climate change, technology, action, heroics, patriotism, MMA fighting…suspense , thrills…. great characters and a great ending
    Five Thumbs up!!!

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    Hollywood where are you? This story would make a great movie. I would love to watch it on the big screen

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    I’m glad I came back for the second part…a very exciting story.

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    I was hoping the second part would like up to the first one and it definitely did.

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    Excellent story!! Very believable and action packed. Would love more stories like this!

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    Very imaginative and exciting.

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    I really enjoyed it. Tom adds a little Jules Verne and Captain Nemo flavor to this story. .

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