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OPINION: More Trash Bins for Pedestrians!

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Alex Hughes January 12, 2018… I’ve done articles on the litter on our streets with the “Litter Chronicles”. Today, I bring forth a solution on how to reduce that. I believe that pedestrians produce the trash in our cities rather than the drivers out in the rural areas.

What I believe happens is that  they decide to eat snacks as they walk or wipe their noses with tissues etc. Then as they try to throw it away, they realize that there is not a trash can in sight. Faced with the dilema of keeping it or tossing it, they decide to throw it on the ground rather than waiting for the next trash can. That made me think of the proximity of these in our city.

What I found going through East Vista Way from Bobier Drive is that they are placed at the bus stops. Each of the stops has one with the seatless ones not having trash cans. The bus stops are placed about a couple of blocks each with none in between. That means a pedestrian has to wait for the next bus stop to throw trash away if they have the patience to do so. We have to call into question their knowledge of the bus stops as well.

In higher areas of pedestrian traffic, we would expect to see more trash buildup. What we need to do in response is place more trash cans in between these stops. That way people who are used to walking have the chance to remove their waste. With repeated actions of throwing away at these convenient stops, there will be a reduction in waste as a habit is built.

Therefore, litter is a thing of the past or more realistically a considerable reduction. However, I must say that I have seen areas with many trash cans and yet litter all around especially in high school. Why not make trash cans more visible with art! Make it eye catching! That will be up to the city to decide how to move forward as well as the trash authority.


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    Check the headline spelling. OPIONION??

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