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Only Losers Litter’s 3rd Event Held Sunday

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Amanda Esquibel…Littering and having trash around our community has been an ongoing problem, and despite some changes in our community that has taken the attention off the floor, it doesn’t change the real problem that is constantly hiding under our noses every day. The Only Losers Litter program is a great program that inspires people to keep our environment clean while being able to have fun with the trash as well.

The program started through the Backfence Society, which is a non-profit organization that encourages people to help the community and also express their creative abilities while doing it, having an idea of just cleaning up Vista in a weird way. The two main leaders in charge on this previous event on Sunday, March 12th, was Alexis and Sarah. Alexis is the President of the Backfence Society and Sarah is the Campaign Director, when speaking to both women about their jobs, both seemed very passionate about their work. Sarah, in particular, started getting involved in the program at the beginning of the year (January 2017), which was when they had their first event, her job consists of getting together with the rest of the members to discuss meetings, goals (short and long term), missions that revolve around how to limit trash, and the planning of different events. Being a tattoo artist made joining it all that much easier because since she already expresses herself through art on a daily basis, what better way to combine her interests than through an idea like this one.

I also participated in the event with the company of Nancy B. Jones, and as we going around the neighborhood we were amazed at how fast we filled our bucket and how much trash we found in areas that are being overlooked day by day. With multiple cigarettes, straws, napkins, what really stood out were horrific pieces of trash like a smashed onion (completely whole) and huge leftover pieces of sausage. The kids who were helping as well found even weirder items, the most weirdest was a tripod. This opens your eyes to amount of garbage we leave in our own city, to us it may seem small but at the end of the day those small pieces turn into this huge amount. It may seem cheesy but please do pick up your trash and for those that attempt to shoot into the trashcan or even get lazy when the trash doesn’t make into the bucket, take that extra second to make sure it does go in. Most of the trash Nancy and I found were in a 5 foot radius of a trash can, so please don’t be lazy when comes to your trash, it’s only hurting the city you live in and others.

To find out more information on Only Losers Litter please find them on Facebook where they post upcoming events or their website (linked below). They try to have events every third Sunday of the month so don’t be shy and attend, even kids/high school students  can gain community service for this and trust me when having someone with you for the three hours you’re out, make it go by fast, getting you easy points. You can also buy their creative designs and merchandise that includes stickers, t-shirts (tie dye and plain), and bags. Buckets, gloves, and trash pliers are provided! http://onlyloserlitter.com

Amanda Esquibel is an RBV student intern.


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  1. Great writeup Amanda and thanks for sharing the TrashWalk time with me! It’s so good to see a teenager who cares about our environment and our city! Hope to see you again!

    • The Woman’s Club of Vista is proud to sponsor the Backfence Society and clean up our town! But those cigarette butts have to go! Businesses need to provide up appropriate receptacles – so letters are being written. VVBA, City Council, and NCTD all need to step up to take care of the filter-strewn eyesores in Vista Village and around town!

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