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Olive Ave Sand Dunes

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Alex Hughes  — July  2018 … On my trip over to Maximum Recycling for my CRV payoff, I take Olive Ave and its blacktop sidewalk. I usually do this every week to clear off the porch of glass, aluminum and plastic. Each time, I notice that I am sliding about, and my shoes look as if I went to Death Valley. Granted, this is an exaggeration, but there is lots of sand and dirt that have washed off the hills.

The trip up from the Vista Transit Center slopes upward the farther you go down Olive Ave. The left side is the only one with an official sidewalk while the other has guard rails. You literally are beneath a hill with a steep incline going  towards a mobile home park. If you look up, you will see their chain-linked, brick and wooden fences. Some have had a past with graffiti. In addition, this route is covered with litter! I have walked by numerous times and have found smaller pieces of plastic and paper along with 7-Eleven cups. I will also mention the drug paraphernalia that I found in the forms of syringes and pop-tops. It is clearly evident that someone has been consuming marijuana in the ares.

Photos by Alex Hughes

Sand and dirt are the most prevalent though. There were areas like this along North Santa Fe at one point where it impeded a quarter to half of the sidewalk. This situation is not as dire but does need some attention. If you look at certain areas where the dirt has leveled out, there is less of an issue, but when you start to see a hill, that is when it reduces usable walking space. I hypothesized that the rains had caused mudslides and shifted the top soil down.

This effects both the appearance of the area as well as the safety. Once the sand dries, it becomes quite slippery to the pedestrian especially if they decide to run. Walking with white shoes can be an issue as it stains them and needs later cleaning. I had an experience with that as my exercise shoes felt the brunt of that and my socks too. I would imagine combining the trash and water runoff could result in pollution considering the storm drain close by.

So next time you go by, check out the mini sand dunes and bring some recycling to Maximum Recycling.


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