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Oceanside Public Library – Events

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Oceanside, CA — The Library will be offering an eight-week Citizenship Class completely in Spanish, in order for eligible students to prepare for the U.S. naturalization test. Classes will be held at the Civic Center Library in the second-floor Foundation Room on Fridays from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m., beginning on January 11.  In this class, students will learn about U.S. history and government, and prepare for the citizenship interview. Classes will be taught by volunteer teachers who have classroom experience and training specific to the topic.

To register for this free program, please call (760) 435-5600. Visit the library’s website at oceansidepubliclibrary.org for more information on library events and services.


La Biblioteca Pública de Oceanside ofrecerá clases de ciudadanía gratuitas en español para ayudar a estudiantes elegibles a prepararse para el examen de naturalización de los Estados Unidos. Este curso de 8 semanas se llevar acabo en la Sala de Fundación, en el segundo piso de la Biblioteca del Centro Cívico a las 12:30 pm; comenzarán el viernes, 11 de enero y continuarán en febrero. La Biblioteca del Centro Cívico está ubicada en 330 North Coast Highway. En esta clase, los estudiantes aprenderán sobre la historia y el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y se prepararán para la entrevista de ciudadanía. Las clases serán ensenadas completamente en español por maestros voluntarios con experiencia y capacitación específica en el tema.

Para regístrese en este programa gratuito, llame al (760) 435-5600. Visite el sitio web de la biblioteca en oceansidepubliclibrary.org para obtener más información sobre los eventos y servicios de la biblioteca.


Computer Communications Industry Association to Offer at Oceanside Public Library

Free tax preparation assistance will be available to lower-middle income Oceanside residents on Saturday, February 23, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Oceanside Public Library, located at 330 North Coast Highway in downtown Oceanside.

Taxpayers qualify to prepare and file their Federal and State income tax returns for FREE if one of the following applies for tax year 2018:

  • An adjusted gross income of $34,000 or less in 2018;
  • Are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC); or
  • Are active duty military

All qualifying taxpayers will have the opportunity to prepare and file their federal and state tax returns at no cost, using TurboTax® Free File Program software to help identify/claim all tax credits and deductions they are eligible for. Volunteers will be on-hand to assist as needed.

This event will promote the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and ensure EITC-eligible families and individuals claim this important credit. Currently, there are an estimated 600,000 eligible Californians. EITC could boost a tax refund by up to $6,318, based on income and family size. Individuals can learn if they are eligible by visiting http://caleitc4me.org — the EITC Calculator.

Participants should bring the following documents:

  1. Form of Government Identification
  2. Social Security Card or Individual Taxpayer’s Identification Number (ITIN Card or Letter) for each family member
  3. Proof of income including W2s and 1099 forms
  4. Documentation of deductible expenses
  5. Health Insurance Form (1095-A) (if health insurance was purchased through the marketplace for any family member)
  6. Account and routing numbers of checking or savings accounts for direct deposit and a faster refund
  7. Copy of 2017 tax return or IRS transcript, or TurboTax 2017 login and email information

The event is part of a statewide tour sponsored by the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and the Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation (IFFF). Thanks to committed Intuit employee volunteers, the Saturday event is expected to serve more than 100 people.

While walk-ins are welcome, interested taxpayers are encouraged to visit bit.ly/OceanTaxEvent or call 1-888-268-1666 to make an appointment.


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