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North County CIF Results in the Division I, II, III and IV Tournaments

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David Willauer –Top 7 Wrestlers in Each Weight Classes for DI DII and D III qualify for the Masters that will be held at San Marcos High School.  For the Division IV Tournament will be top 4.

CIF Division I Wrestling Tournament at Olympia High School.
San Marcos 3rd place with 148 Eli Dalangin 3rd at 122 Dylan Fernandez 5th at 128 Mathis Hopkins 6th at 134 Chris Navida 2nd at 140 Kymani Yambao 2nd at 154 Matt Jarvis 5th at 162 Frank Sanchez 1st at 172 Kisone Taufa 5th at 184 Mathias Sorenson 8th place at 197 Ricky Johnson 8th at 287
Vista 5th place with 127 Isaac Alvarez 3rd at 108 Chris Tingzon 3rd at 115 Noah Lattuada 6th at 128 Jonah Eilers 8th at 134 A Daniel Navarro 3rd at 147 Lionel Turner 3rd at 197 Nathan Miller 1st at 222
Mission Hills 8th place with 85 points Dean Gallagos 6th at 108 Alfonzo Cruz 6th at 115 Alejandro Llarena 6th at 154 Donovan Piro 6th at 162 Weiland Goudarzi 2nd at 197 Jayce Jovero 3rd at 222
El Camino 9th place with 84 points  Robert Gonzalez 6th at 122 Christian Korbacher 4th at 134 Albert Padilla 4th at 140 Josh Bowe McCleod 4th at 154 Ryan Bowe McLeod 4th at 172 Mason Lauffler 6th at 184 Harlley Martinez 7th at 287
CIF Division II at Fallbrook High School
Rancho Buena Vista 3rd with 141 points Anson Aloat Davis 4th at 128 Santiago Garcia Rodriguez 6th at 134 Aethen Escamilla 1st at 147 Elias Munoz 6th place at 154 Mario Albarran 2nd at 162 Ian Tully 3rd at 172 Sanghyeok Han 4th at 197 Nathan Kershaw 4th at 222 Raul Hernandez 8th at 287
  Escondido 7th with 91.5 points Kevin Stark 6th place at 108 Isaac Munoz 5th place at 115 Julian Rodriguez 2nd at 128 Karson Frank 5th at 162 Antonio Ramirez 1st at 184 Carlsbad 11th place with 70 points George Aguilar 2nd at 108 Titus Matsubara 8th at 122 Sam Wardlow 8th at 134 Antonio Torres 3rd at 147 Juan Sanchez 5th at 222 Tobey Wilson Carlsbad 6th at 287
Fallbrook 12 place with 69 points Kevin Sanchez 6th at 128 Matthew Kendall 5th at 140 Ethan Aguila 7th at 147 Jonathan Bermudez 5th at 222 Javier Montoya 5th at 287
San Pasqual 14th place with 61 points Irvin Aguilar 7th place at 140 Cesar Maddox 7th at 172 Kameron Davis 3rd at 197 Fernie Reyes 2nd at 222
CIF Division III Tournament at Montgomery High School
LaCosta Canyon 3rd with 195 Alex Pullin 4th at 108 Dylan Dratch 4th at 115 Gavin Guerra 7th at 122 Andres Hollenbeck 4th at 128 Mason McHaler 4th at 134 Max Haber 8th at 140 Alex Hendricks 1st at 147 Aiden Baker 1st at 154 Ben Houri 2nd at 162 Cade Porterfield 3rd at 172 Joseph Curtis 1st at 184 Christian Hurst 7th at 197
Oceanside 7th with 96.5 Michael Aguirre 1st at 122 Jordan Sosa 8th at 154 JaQuez Goodson 5th at 162 Shane Hansen 1st at 195 Eric Russell 5th at 222 Jack Dawson 6th at 287
Orange Glen 10th with 82 Joseph Mendez Torres 5th at 134 Eddie Lopez 3rd at 140 Roberto Reyes 4th at 147 Julian Garcia 2nd at 172 Daniel Hernandez 7th at 184 Ulysses Rivera 6th place at 197
CIF Division IV Tournament at St. Augustine’s High School
Guajome Park 9th place with 81 points Brandon Ramer 3rd at 134 Austin Chacon 1st at 154 Nicholas Pira 1st at 184
Army Navy Academy 67 points Harry Johnson 6th at 162 Benjamin Rohrbacker 2nd at 184 Stephen Wei 5th at 287
Sage Creek 34 points Cole Kirby 2nd at 128 Luke McLellan 5th at 162

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