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New San Marcos Restaurant Features Simple, Fast, Fresh Vietnamese Food

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San Marcos, CA – Have you tried Vietnamese food? Cay Bistro, a new fast casual restaurant in San Marcos, would like to invite you to sample simple, fast, and fresh Vietnamese dishes. Located on Nordahl Road between Manna BBQ and Ballyhoo Salon and across from the bustling Nordahl Marketplace, Cay Bistro offers a delicious selection of popular Vietnamese fare and a simple menu the whole family can enjoy.

For local small business owners Marya and Tan Chuong, the decision to develop Cay Bistro was driven by the observation that many Vietnamese restaurants feature a seemingly endless number of menu options and variations that can be intimidating for a new guest. And aside from the occasional bahn mi sandwich shop, few local restaurants featured a takeout option for Vietnamese food. So the Chuongs set out to meet the need with a concept for a casual restaurant with delicious food and menu options that are easy to understand.

“A smaller menu is less overwhelming for the customer,” said Marya Chuong. “And it allows us to focus on the items we deliver exceptionally well.”

Among those menu items are fresh sandwiches (Bahn mi), Rice Noodle Bowls (Bun), Rice Plates (Com Tam), and hot bowls of pho (pronounced “fuh”) –a made-from-scratch beef or chicken broth (no MSG) with thin rice noodles and toppings such as sprouts, basil, jalapeño, and lime. Ordering is easy: just decide which dish you want and pick a meat or protein to mix in. With a delicious tofu option, all entrees are vegetarian-friendly and many items are naturally gluten-free.

Cay Bistro also features tasty appetizers such as homemade pork egg rolls, plum sauce chicken wings, and their signature spring salad rolls with peanut dipping sauce. And if you need an afternoon pick-me-up, try the cold-brewed Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The cold-brewing method delivers the same caffeinated-kick as traditionally brewed Vietnamese coffee, but has a smoother flavor.

The restaurant opened in mid-March 2017 to excellent reviews from customers on both sides of the spectrum: those who are new to Vietnamese food and those who are no stranger to the cuisine. Comments on the guest experience at Cay Bistro emphasize its dedication to both quality food and unparalleled customer service. One guest described it as “Un-Pho-gettable!”

Cay Bistro is located at 740 Nordahl Rd. #118, and serves lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-7pm. For more information, visit CayBistro.com or call (760) 205-1559.

Cay Bistro was launched in 2017 by San Marcos small business owners Marya and Tan Chuong, who have operated the San Marcos Deli since 2011. Cay Bistro joins an established community of family-owned businesses serving the thriving San Marcos area. Dedicated to serving simple, fast, and fresh Vietnamese food, Cay Bistro is located on Nordahl Road between Manna BBQ and Ballyhoo Salon and across from the Nordahl Marketplace.


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