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NC Rep Season 38

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Amadeus Written by Peter Shaffer & Directed by Richard Baird
September 4 – 29, 2019
“Terrifically entertaining, highly theatrical.” – New York Times

“Historical masterpiece and winner of both a Tony and Oscar for best play and movie.” – BroadwayWorld.com

With the glorious music of Mozart as a backdrop, Peter Shaffer’s Tony Award-winning theatrical tale of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri starts our season on a rousing note. Told in a eries of flashbacks laced with humor, intrigue and personal insightAMADEUS explores two men – one consumed with jealousy and the other blissfully unaware of his extraordinary gifts. This audience favorite will enrich your understanding of a musical genius and your appreciation of a master playwright.

The Sunshine Boys

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Jeffrey Moss
October 23 – November 17, 2019
 “The jokes land with clockwork regularity.” 
– Los Angeles Times

“A richly resonant comedy, one that is profoundly touching as well.” 
– The Guardian

The late Neil Simon continues to reign as America’s favorite playwright. His ability to create memorable characters who wrestle with universal problems associated with love, loss, work, family and aging, has endeared him to legions of fansTHE SUNSHINE BOYS showcases his brilliant ear for side-splitting dialogue and his sharp eye for physical comedy. Yet, beneath the raucous laughter are two vulnerable people struggling to make sense of their lives. This beloved comedy will sell out rapidly, so order your tickets and be part of the fun.


Written by Steven Dietz
Directed by Andrew Barnicle
January 8 – February 2, 2020

San Diego Premiere! 

“BLOOMSDAY gives us a funny, touching and stark look at what it is to be in love no matter what stage of life you’re in.”  – BroadwayWorld.com

“A literary and time-travel tale, wrapped with ribbon around a wistful love story.”  – The Seattle Times

If you’ve ever wished you could go back and have a second chance at a decision you made back in your 20s, this winsome tale will simmer in your mind long after the play ends. Steven Dietz’s lyrical new Irish love story, set amidst tourists exploring the pubs and streets of James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” transports us into a compassionate world of history, humor and heartache. Filled with humor, this emotional story captures the intensity of experiences that pass by fleetingly as an older couple retraces their steps to discover their younger selves.

The Outsider

Written by Paul Slade Smith
Directed by David Ellenstein
February 19 – March 15, 2020

West Coast Premiere! 


“Witty, clever and smart.”  – Green Bay Press Gazette

“Hilarious. Sends the audience into gales of laughter.”  – BroadwayWorld.com

THE OUTSIDER is a razor-sharp, hilarious satire of modern American politics and an inspirational tribute to democracy. Overflowing with clever plot twists portraying the contemporary political climate, Paul Slade Smith’s (Unnecessary Farce) play is a fun-house mirror, held up to reflect our often confounding governmental system. If you’re overwhelmed by today’s headlines, this thoroughly non-partisan laugh-fest is just what you need.

The Homecoming

By Harold Pinter
Directed by David Ellenstein
April 8 – May 3, 2020
“Harold Pinter’s play continues to puzzle, astonish and delight.” 
– The Guardian

“Harold Pinter’s masterpiece is first-rate.” 
-New York Times

Often regarded as Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter’s most enduring play, this masterwork of family warfare is set in an all-male household that relies on fantasy and one-upmanship for its very existence. This toxic, but familiar pattern is disrupted when a long-absent son returns with his new wife. Her presence ignites an explosive situation, one that is vicious, funny and unsettling. Although written more than 50 years ago, THE HOMECOMINGexplores issues about power, sexuality and self-identity that are still debated today. Tony Award winner for Best Play. Suitable for mature audiences only.

Human ErrorWritten by Eric Pfeffinger
Directed by Jane Page
May 27 – June 21, 2020

West Coast Premiere! “Very funny, perceptive.” – Hollywood in Toto “A play with nuance, intelligence, moments of depth and some interesting twists.”  – Denver Westworld

Full of warmth, heart and outrageous humor, two couples – one liberal, the other, conservative – are forced to meet and establish a relationship with binding implications due to a medical mix-up. It’s an uncharted journey for these unlikely friends, one that is brimming with surprises and self-revelation along the way. HUMAN ERROR reminds us that stereotypes are simply labels that rarely define one’s true character. You won’t want to miss this engaging and hilarious West Coast Premiere.

Forbidden Broadway’s Greatest Hits Created and Written by Gerard Alessandrini
Directed by William Selby
July 8 – August 9, 2020 “Highly entertaining! Makes you want to applaud yourself silly! A Godsend.” 
– The New York Times   “Hysterically funny and savvy at the same time. This is what entertainment is all about.”  – Huffington Post

Celebrate Broadway’s unforgettable musical legends! Experience Broadway’s greatest satirist in this hilarious, loving, and endlessly entertaining tribute to some of the theatre’s most cherished stars and songwriters. FORBIDDEN BROADWAY’S GREATEST HITS parodies Broadway Musicals including Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler, and many others, with wit, charm, and hysterical lyrics. This world-renowned show will be a hit amongst seasoned theatergoers and newcomers alike. This musical is your one-stop ticket to non-stop laughs!


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