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Mission Vista High Schoolers Tops In French Language Competition

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Ray Huard …. Top honors for achieving a perfect score in a national French language competition went recently to two Mission Vista High School students.

Panny Nhia Yi Ly and Amelia Oxarart

Panny Nhia Yi Ly and Amelia Oxarart were platinum winners – the highest award – in the 82nd Le Grand Concours Competition.

They were among 16 students in the Vista Unified School District high school to be ranked nationally in the competition, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

“It’s a huge accomplishment to be able to have a flawless score, not impossible, but it’s not very common either,” said their teacher, Jennifer Minor.

“These students really excelled, have an interest in French, and really have a good grasp of the language,” Minor said. “They deserve a pat on the back and kudos.”

Mission Vista’s May Nou Nhia Yi Ly won a gold medal in the competition for scoring 95 percent in the national completion in which more than 85,000 students participated, according to Lisa Narug, national director of Le Grand Concours.

Winning silver medals from Mission Vista by scoring between 85 percent and 95 percent were Josephine Doan, Consuelo Gorospe Bustos, Sarah Kelly, Michael Lee, Evelyn Resendiz Rivera, and Alexander Sibaja.

Mission Vista students Jessica Jacinto, Skylar Mason, Hannah Thornton, and Shannon Wortel earned bronze medals for scoring between 75 percent and 80 percent, and Jayden Alton, Deirdre Estelle and Zayra Rosales Orozco qualified as Mention d’h onneur winners by scoring 70 percent.

“French students who rank nationally in Le Grand Concours demonstrate a superior level of global responsibility, integrative cultural competence, language skills, and commitment to excellence and dedication,” Narug said. “We are very proud of them and admire their commitment to both contributing to a better world and serving as exceptional ambassadors for their schools.”

This is the first year that Mission Vista has offered French, which Minor said was added to the curriculum at students’ request.

“French is the only other language, besides English, spoken on five continents,” Minor said. “More than half of the fastest growing nations are French speaking. It does us well to have French speakers.”






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