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Malibu Mayhem – Point Doom Part II

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Thomas Calabrese …..  The next morning, Mike and Brian took a swim around Point Dume and were treading water about a half mile offshore and looking at the Halloran estate. It offered easy access to the beach and was completely shielded from view from the mansions on both sides of it.

“If terrorists were to disembark from a ship, they could make it ashore without being seen” Brian observed.

“Yes they could,” Mike agreed.

Mike and Brian were waiting when Jerry Kaperstein arrived at his home.

“I assume that one of you is Lt. Commander Sandy,” Jerry Kaperstein commented as he entered.

Mike commented. “That would be me; I need to tell you something.”

After bringing the producer up to speed on the current situation, Jerry Kaperstein walked over to an oversized lounge chair and sat down; worry was etched upon his face.

“What do you know about, Friends of Israel? I heard they are having a meeting at Pepperdine,” Mike said.

“I’m a member and I will be attending it, Jerry Kaperstein responded, “Only a very few of us know of a special guest who will be in attendance.”

“And who might that be?” Mike asked.

We have a computer hacker under armed guard at a secure location. He has names and evidence of people in the American government that are working with Iran to destroy the state of Israel. He is scared that they may be close to finding him so in return for a new identity and sanctuary, he will give us that information and was scheduled to release some of the names at this fundraiser.”

“Is it possible that your security was breached?”

“Anything is possible, I suppose,” Jerry answered.

“Tell me more about Friends of Israel,” Mike said.

“Basically, it’s a group of multi- millionaires and billionaires who use their wealth and influence to protect the existence of Israel.”

“So if there was an attack on this fundraiser, it would serve the dual purpose of taking out the hacker and also dealing a severe blow to the support structure of Israel,” Mike pondered.

“Many of the attendees travel with highly trained security personnel,” Jerry commented.

“Is it alright to say something? Brain asked.

“Yeah, sure go ahead,” Mike encouraged.

“If they know about the hacker, then they probably know about the security details,” Brian said.

“What does that mean exactly?  Jerry asked.

“He means that while we saw only six men, there are going to be a lot more involved in the attack, my guess would be a small military operation size force,” Mike explained.

“What should I do?” Jerry asked nervously.

“You could cancel the event,” Brian suggested.

“That would only delay the inevitable, but this is your call, Mr. Kaperstein,” Mike said.

“What would you do, Commander? “Jerry asked.

“If I was you, I’d take Westman’s advice and cancel the whole the damn thing!” Mike answered, “But if it was me in your place, I figured that this would be a hell of an opportunity to take out a lot of bad actors…some of them in high places.”

“I need some time to process this,” Jerry said as he wiped his brow and walked off.

“Take all the time you need…just don’t take too long,” Mike smiled.

Jerry returned ten minutes later, “its Tuesday…the fundraiser is Saturday night. Can you actually put something together in that amount of time?”

“You’d be surprised how fast professional warriors can move when they’re not bogged down by bureaucracy or shackled by ridiculous rules of engagement,” Mike answered and wasted no time calling Jocko, “I need a hundred men.”

“How fast?” Jocko asked.

“Forty eight hours, no more than seventy two.”

“Not much time, I got about forty in Southern California, another thirty in Arizona and Nevada, another fifteen in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. The rest are spread out around the country. You know that this will not be cheap.”

“Hold on,” Mike replied the turned to Jerry, “You’re going to have to fund this operation, are you alright with that?”

Jerry did not hesitate a second, “Whatever it costs.”

Mike got back to Jocko, “Do it,” then disconnected the call and said to Jerry, “I need the guest list.”

“Are you going to contact them?” Jerry asked.

“That would be a mistake since we haven’t identified who the leak is. I need to find out who is working security and coordinate with them,” Mike said, “Right now I need to see where the fundraiser is being held.”

Mike, Brian and Jerry drove up to Pepperdine University and scouted the area while Jocko and his staff began contacting former Navy Seals, Delta Force and Marines.

Three hours later, “I’ve contacted a personal friend in Israel, will be arriving at LAX this evening,” Mike said.

“The city of Malibu expedited a shooting permit for me. This will allow us to move men and equipment around the area without arousing suspicion; they can just say they’re part of the movie crew,” Jerry said.

Mike’s phone rang; it was Jocko, “You were right; I located a freighter with a Liberian registry docked in Ensenada. Intel is that mercenaries have been arriving in Mexico for the past week under the protection of the Barrera Cartel. I also found out that six Kazan MI-38 helicopters were recently leased by a Russian holding company and are setting at a private airport in Oxnard. This shell company is actually a private militia that Putin likes to use, they are tough and ruthless, just ask the people of Crimea.”

“Good job,” Mike laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking that I was assigned to come to Malibu to stay out of trouble. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.”

By the next morning, the living room of the Kaperstein home had been turned into a surveillance center. Seven men were sitting at computer terminals; Mike tapped one man on the shoulder and the computer operator looked up, “We are through their firewall and we’ve already initiated voice duplication software based on their voice patterns. “We’ll be ready when you need us.”

Over the next thirty six hours, men began arriving in Malibu. Brian, Gwen and Jerry Kaperstein’s personal driver alternated bringing them to the estate. Captain Chana Jordan, Israeli Special Forces also arrived at the Kaperstein estate with her twenty five person counter terrorism team.

“Thanks for coming,” Mike smiled.

“How could I refuse, what do you need me to do?” Captain Jordan said.

“Help me develop a plan for starters,” Mike replied

Since Wendy, Paige and Keri could walk through the neighborhood without arousing suspicion; their assignment was to stroll by the Halloran estate every few hours. “We can’t see what’s going on behind the walls, but we can hear a lot of noise,” Wendy reported.”

“Our high flying drone show a lot of activities on the premises,” A technician interjected as he operated the remote control.

Two hours later, the final briefing began, Mike stood at the wall that was filled with high resolution photos, “Cameras have been set up at various locations where we expect the heaviest contact to occur. Everyone will be wearing body cams during the entire operation because this is a rogue operation, repeat we are unsanctioned and we will need evidence if there is an investigation.

Mr. Kaperstein will be at Pepperdine University with a security team and when the guests arrive at the auditorium, they will be lead through an underground tunnel to a secure location. Our security force will reinforce the personal security teams until the mission is completed. The safety of the guests is priority number one, the rest of us are expendable, as always.”

Mike walked over to a map that showed the California and Mexico coastline, “We expect the freighter to leave Mexico within hours and when it arrives off Point Dume and the terrorists disembark, we will neutralize them and take control of the freighter. At the same time, I will lead a force and take control of the Halloran estate. Once that is secure, we will move to Pepperdine and reinforce Captain Jordan and her team whose assignment is to engage the Russian mercenaries.”

Mike pointed to the photo of the Pepperdine baseball field, “This is where we believe the helicopters will land, a large open space that is closest to the auditorium. Captain Jordan has already scouted the area and determined the most efficient fields of fire, correct?”

“Affirmative,” Captain Jordan replied.

“Review your assignments, call signs and double-check your weapons and equipment. We can’t afford any oversights or mistakes. Do I make myself clear?”

There was a collective sound of acknowledgement.

Mike met Captain Jordan two years earlier while on a joint operation between his Seal Team and Israeli forces.  Chana had olive skin, finely chiseled features and dark sultry eyes that a man could get lost in, if he was that lucky. She was a consummate professional and Mike’s attraction for this Israeli warrior was based as much on respect as anything physical.

Considering some of the hellholes that most of these seasoned veterans had fought in, spending time in a twenty five million dollar ten thousand square foot mansion was a pleasant change. The men were enjoying the various amenities which included a bowling alley, game room and indoor theater. Jerry Kaperstein’s staff circulated throughout the house passing out refreshments and various meals to the fighters.

When the Liberian freighter left Ensenada, its path was tracked up the coast. The teams were notified by the house intercom as it passed various sites; San Diego, Newport Beach, When it passed Santa Monica, fighters began to move about the house getting ready for battle. Jocko and his team were waiting in their heavily armed Zodiac Hurricane assault boats in South Malibu as the freighter passed their position, then followed at a distance of one quarter mile.

“We have the freighter in sight and are following it,” Jocko radioed.

Mike turned to Jerry Kaperstein, “Time to go.”

Jerry Kaperstein and twenty armed men left the house.

“Helicopters are warming up,” came a radio communication

“You’re up,” Mike said.

Captain Jordan gave Mike a firm handshake and held it for a few seconds, “See you when I see you,” and left with her men.

The freighter slowed to a stop and anchored one mile due west of the Halloran property and the crew lowered the boats while sixty armed terrorists waited on deck.

Mike turned to Brian, “Every one of these men has more combat experience than you. In any other circumstance you wouldn’t even be allowed to go on a mission like this. Now that I’ve said that, nobody will think any less of you if you decide to stand down.”

“With your permission, I want to go,” Brian replied without hesitation.

Mike would have never jeopardized the lives of the other men if he didn’t believe in Brian’s ability to do his duty, “Good enough…stay close to me.”

Mike walked into the hallway and yelled, “Gear up!”

Mike and his team of twenty men started to leave when Wendy rushed up and passionately kissed Brian on the lips, “Be careful.”

Commander Sandy and his team quietly made their way to the Halloran estate outer wall, “We are in position.”

Jocko responded, “The boats are in the water and the fighters are boarding them.”

“When the boats are loaded and moving toward shore, commence your attack. We’ll breech at the same time,” Mike ordered.

There were five boats and twelve armed terrorists in each one. They began moving toward the Halloran beach area. Mike climbed to the top of the wall and saw men looking out over the ocean from the second floor deck.

“Commencing attack!” Jocko radioed.

he Zodiacs raced across the ocean toward the slower moving boats while Mike and his team scaled the wall and began lobbing stun grenades through the window to disorient the occupants. Once inside the structure, they systematically went from room to room capturing or killing all of the terrorists.

Each Zodiac boat was armed with two M-60 machine guns and while the armed terrorists attempted to fire back with their Ak-47’s but they were sitting ducks.

They were outgunned and outmaneuvered and in a matter of minutes, dozens of dead bodies were floating off the shore of Point Dume. The machine guns of Jocko and his team sang a rhapsody of death and destruction and the terrorists were their captive audience.

Jocko and his team then turned their attention to the freighter and fought their way aboard it, killing several crewmen in the process, “We have control of the freighter.”

Mike responded, “We have the house.”

Mike left five men to guard the terrorists who had not been killed and to search for valuable Intel then called the com center, “Take control of communications…we’re on our way to Pepperdine.”

Captain Jordan and her team were already in position near the baseball field when the com center in the Kaperstein estate sent bogus orders to the Russians to take off from the airfield. They also began intercepting all phone calls from Malibu residents and informed them that the gunshots that they were hearing were from the filming of a movie.

Mike, Brian and the team arrived at Pepperdine and took their positions next to Captain Jordan and her team.

“That didn’t take long,” Captain Jordan smiled.

“We got lucky,” Mike answered.

They could hear the helicopters approaching from the northwest, “These Russians won’t let themselves be captured,” Captain Jordan warned.

“If that’s the way they want it,” Mike replied.

The helicopters landed on the baseball diamond just like Mike thought they would and the heavily armed Russian mercenaries disembarked and when they reached the area around second base, Captain Jordan stood up and yelled, “SURRENDER!” in Russian.

The mercenaries hesitated for a moment then opened fire just like Captain Jordan thought they would, but they were completely surrounded with no cover and no path of escape. A hail of overlapping gunfire cut them to pieces and they were dead before they could reach the first base foul line.

The two State Department employees were watching an X-rated movie in their suite at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel when they received a bogus text that the attack at Pepperdine was successful. A couple of minutes later, “Room service.”

One of the men got up from his bed and walked over and opened the door, Mike and Chana were standing there with their pistols drawn. The other man made an attempt to reach for his weapon on the nightstand, “Don’t give me anymore of an excuse,”

Mike aimed his weapon at the man’s head. Chana looked at the disgusting images on the television screen and shut it off.

“I was going to kill you for what you did to my team in Nigeria, but my friend promised to inflict excruciating torture on you if I let you live,” Mike said, “That was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

A chartered EL AL jet with diplomatic clearance was waiting at LAX when Chana and her team arrived with the captured terrorists, the State Department officials and the Intel they found in the Halloran house. The plane was airborne in a matter of minutes and special clean up teams began working at various locations in Malibu to remove any evidence of what had happened. The dead bodies were transported to the Liberian freighter and it was taken out to sea and sunk.

Mossad agents and special intelligence officials used a variety of enhanced interrogation techniques including powerful mind altering drugs to extract information once the prisoners arrived in Israel. They created two lists; assassination and execution. The assassination list consisted of individuals that were either too incorrigible or powerful for them to remain alive. Armando Barrera, the cartel leader who helped the terrorists was the first to be terminated. The execution list was compiled of individuals who got a reprieve on their death sentence with their continued cooperation in helping to destroy the global conspiracy; often called the shadow government or deep state.

The movie about Chief Delagarza was made by Jerry Kaperstein. It was an honorable tribute to a courageous patriot and was a box office success. Mike Sandy never did make his full twenty in the Seals, but he didn’t care because he found something that he wanted more. He married Chana Jordan and they built a home in the Fallbrook hills and purchased a spacious penthouse on Tel Aviv’s Golden Mile and alternated living between the two locations. Both were put on retainer by Jerry Kaperstein as military technical advisors while occasionally doing special assignments for Red Water Securities.

Brian Westman found the peace of mind that he had so desperately sought with Seal Team One. He continued to build his own legacy of honor and courage with each mission while finding a true love with Wendy.

The movie Point Doom used some stock footage from the actual battles to create a mega-blockbuster that grossed over two hundred million dollars in its first weekend of release and five hundred million in the first month and became the highest grossing movie of all time within three months. This political suspense, action, adventure thriller was so riveting and realistic that millions of theatergoers wondered if something like this could actually happen in America, but only a very few knew that it actually had.

The End









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  1. John Michels says:

    Loved the action and suspense Tom. Plus it was a real happily ever after finish.

  2. Joe says:

    Another action packed thriller. Blood and guts…. love it!!!!!
    God Bless America

  3. Janet says:

    Wow!! Now that is one action packed thriller. Keep them coming.

  4. Tony says:

    Worth waiting a week for the conclusion of this fantastic action packed story. It would make a great movie and I am sure set a new box office record in attendance and money .Semper Fidelis,

  5. Greg says:

    Great story…full of action and thrills, really like the characters too.

  6. Guy says:

    I always reading Tom’s stories and he never fails to keep my interest. Malibu Mayhem was one of my favorites.

  7. Bill says:

    I enjoyed the build up where you spent a lot of time on the characters and plot development even after you’ve established suspension of disbelief with the story.

  8. Kyle says:

    Mike Sandy and Brian Westman, among other who fought the battle of Point Dume are true American heroes.

  9. Mona says:

    Wonderful story with a happy ending…. I enjoyed the action and suspense.

  10. Steve says:

    This story held my attention from beginning to end. Very exciting. Five stars!

  11. Cary says:

    In life, we don’t always have the choice on which battles we have to fight. This story shows that true American Patriots will make the right decision when the moment of truth presents itself. I salute those who go into harm’s way.

  12. Josh says:

    I’ve been to Point Dume in Malibu, I can imagine a battle there and it is even better when the bad guys lose…big time

  13. Mike says:

    I second the comments of the previous readers… lots of action
    and adventure. well done and bravo!

  14. Dan says:

    Full of thrills and actions…great fun.

  15. Wolf says:

    Another entertaining story by Tom. I expect to see these hero return in another story. Too bad for the terrorist that there is no one left alive to file an after action report. They would better cooking their own meals in their rooms. Eating out in public does end happy for them.

  16. Diane says:

    Having patriots fighting for America in ultra politically correct Malibu is the best thing that could happen to that place.

  17. Clyde Tate says:

    Had some trouble finding the second part but it was well worth it.
    Great story as usual. Can’t wait for the next from Tom.

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