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Lunch at a Local Carniceria

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The Unknown Eater  – October  2017

A college student needs to have lunch like everyone else! By the time, 11:30 came around, I knew I needed a break from CSUSM, so I thought about heading toward a place that I had seen on my recent travels by the name of Patron Meat Market. This was just down the street, or so it seemed from the campus. I wanted to get there as fast as I could, so I could squeeze in a club meeting, but I soon found out that the meal could not wait! I arrived on the site noticing the many signs in Spanish to eat healthy and buy fresh fruit: glad that is appearing in this area. I entered through the doors to a very small market style environment with a bit of everything included from fruits to veggies to snacks and canned foods. The hot food was in the back with a menu that was much smaller than a typical Mexican restaurant. I had to get some of the items on the menu translated, so I could pick something different. This caused a bit of a stirrup for the man behind the counter. I ended up getting a rib meat with cactus meal that included the traditional sides of rice and beans. All of this, including a chamoy apple with chili seasoning. I took it outside to enjoy. The rib meat was very tender and juicy awashed with a brine that was salty: a bit too much. The cactus had a rubbery feel to it but was easy to bite down on and allowed a break from the meat. Surprisingly, I got straight up beans instead of refried which reminded me of the ones that I get from a can. The best part was the fresh tortillas that were fresh off the grill! Soft and chewy making it perfect with the rib meat! I left the apple for later which I would find to be very satisfying with the salty sweet combo. Chimoy is quite tasty. This experience made me realize that hot foods at Mexican markets are the next items to try! P.S. I should practice my Spanish.


Patron Meat Market

204 W San Marcos BLVD

San Marcos, CA 92069


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1 Comment

  1. Unknown eater @ csusm – thanks for sharing!
    I’d never heard of chamoy sauce!
    Yes, practice your Spanish and you can use it when you travel to Spain!
    Keep up the good work!

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