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The Litter Chronicles #1: East Vista Way from Bobier Drive

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Alex Hughes…From the corner of East Vista Way and Bobier Drive, I walked my way to the Vista Library. Along the way, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of litter that I came across. From paper to cigarettes to plastic packaging, it was strewn alongside the roads as well as the dirt lots of shopping centers. I even found some in electric meters where it was packed in seemingly mistaken for a trash can! Once I reached the Vista Conservancy, that was where a bulk of it seemed to be with a drowned wheelchair in the Buena Vista Creek as well as trash along the banks. Toward the entrance of the trails, there was a pile of trash hidden behind the walls where no one could see it in the bushes.

Photos by Alex Hughes

You could easily miss that even it was that close to the road! It amazes me that in this beautiful City of Vista that we could have so much litter! We need to take care of what is provided to us be that the roads or the parks or the infrastructure, so that we can have it in the future.

Civic pride cannot be bred when we choose to throw trash on the ground. Let’s do our part and put this litter where it belongs! Let’s aim for better!

It’s that time again! Bust out those capes and funky get-ups and join us for our next Only Losers Litter Trash Walk Sun Sept 17th, 4:30 pm Wildwood Park in Vista. We’ll have pickers, gloves, buckets, and bags… AND can sign off on community services required for school.    http://onlyloserslitter.com/

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  1. Renata Carlin says:

    Thank you for this article! I hope we as residents and the City of Vista will continue to get involved to clean this city up! Support Only Losers Litter!!

  2. Have to miss this time but really appreciate the heads-up, Alex!

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