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“An Intimate Evening with Lucie Arnaz” Highlights Club M at Moonlight

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TR Robertson

TR Robertson…The second Club M performance for the 2018 Season at Moonlight was another rousing success and featured the amazing song stylings of Lucie Arnaz and pianist Ron Abel in a 75 minute performance featuring a variety of numbers, including many from her new album, “Lucie Live! From Feinstein’s at the Nikko”. Lucie Arnaz has been in show business for over 50 years, beginning at an early age on television with her mother, legendary comedian Lucille Ball. Most recently she has been performing her nightclub act across the United States and Europe. Saturday, the Palm Springs resident made a stop in Vista to perform in the club atmosphere of the highly successful Club M series sponsored by The Moonlight, much to the delight of the packed Moonlight attendees.

Lucie Arnaz is the daughter of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. She is married and has 3 children, Simon, Joseph and Katharine and 2 stepsons, Nicholas and Benjamin. Lucie has performed in 10 stage plays, 7 films and more than 15 television shows. One of the films she was in was “The Jazz Singer” with Neil Diamond.

Photos By TR Robertson

Lucie opened her show with a medley, “Recipe for Love/Tender Trap” and then introduce her musical accompanist, Ron Abel, who has been working with her for over 30 years. Ron would tell the audience why he entered the stage area using crutches. It seems he had an encounter with the uneven sidewalks of New York a week ago, but not willing to let this keep him down, he flew to California to perform with Lucie. At this point, he encouraged Lucie to tell her story of what happened to her prior to this evening’s performance. It seems Lucie did not thoroughly check everything she was to bring for her performance and when she arrived at the Moonlight dressing rooms, Lucie found that of the silver high heels she brought, she had two sets and she had picked up two high heels for right feet. She was wearing them for the opening number. At this point, she asked the audience if she could take them off, the audience responded with a rousing “Yes” and for the rest of the performance Lucie would perform barefoot. The “Intimate Evening” became even more intimate and the audience was in for a very personal, funny and entertaining evening.

Lucie would talk about the experiences of falling in and out of love and throughout the evening relating a number of her own personal encounters. She alluded to love being “like a theme park ride”. She told the audience tonight’s show would be a trip down the experiences of romance. She sang songs like “Fools Rush In” and several Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer songs, Marvin Hamlisch arrangements, as well as songs she had written and several piano player Ron Abel wrote. Lucie was funny, clever and made the audience feel very at ease during the performance. One very clever song she sang was one she wrote, a take-off on the Willie Nelson/Julio Iglesias song, “To All the Girls I’ve Known”. Lucie’s version was “To All the Boys I’ve Known” and the audience chuckled at all of the references.

The audience was treated to songs from Broadway shows she was in, including one from “Li’l Abner”, a musical she was in in 1977. Lucie delighted in telling the audience about a song she would sing that was the song she and the man who would become her second husband, Laurence Luckinbill, danced to on one of their first dates, some 38 years ago. That dance convinced her she had found the right person for her. That song was “Blame It on the Bossa Nova”.

Lucie’s final song of the evening was her encore, a song sung by Edie Adams for the final “I Love Lucy Show” and the final time Lucy and Desi, Lucie’s parents, would be together. This song was “That’s All”, and with that an end to another successful Club M performance.

The club atmosphere of Club M has been a successful addition to the “off season” Moonlight has after the popular summer musical series. Talented singers and their accompanist delight the audience on the Moonlight stage which is transformed into a nightclub type setting with guest sitting at tables for 2, 4 or 6. Those attending have ample time to visit and socialize before the 7:30 performance time. For Saturday’s performance, dinner was served, prepared by Kitchens for Good. The menu included a Farmers Green salad, Braised short ribs or a Vegetarian option and a delicious slice of Blueberry cheesecake. Wine, beer and sodas were available for purchase at several of the bar stations or tea, water and coffee was also available.

If you have not experienced the Club M atmosphere and the incredible talent featured, make sure you contact Moonlight for the final performance of this season. March 3rd, featuring Daebreon Poiema: “The Reason Why I Sing”, with Musical Director Lyndon Pugeda. Daebreon was the lead in Moonlight’s summer musical, “Aida” and this will be her debut as a cabaret singer. For tickets go to www.VistixOnline.com or call 760-643-5269.


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