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What the What! – I’m Older Than I Look

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Alex Hughes — March , 2018 …When I was self reflecting the other day, a thought came to mind. I am 19 at this moment, and I was born on July 29, 1998. That may seem like a sucker punch to others; I’m still a kid to lots of people. I’d agree.

I still feel that time has not changed so much since I graduated high school. I’ve well adapted to college, but I definitely notice the difference between the two. There is a lot you can do in this environment that you can’t do in the other. It is quite surreal at times when I see the posters and events that are being hosted at CSUSM. I’m taken aback as I realize that this is targeted to adults, and I am one of them. However, I feel more mature than the other students as I have felt since I entered grade school and so on. I know what I feel as right and what is going to lead me in the direction I want to be in. There is another direction that is what you might imagine a college student doing. I am disinterested in the parties and the drinking because I want to focus on success. I wonder if this maturity is from me being older than the day I was born.

You see, what we consider as our birthday really is not the day that we come to be in this world. It starts before that. I realized that I was alive in 1997; indeed, I was not walking around at that time. I was alive just as I am now. That means when my birthday comes up in July, I wouldn’t be 20. I would be closer to 21! Time to party! However, I don’t think this will dissuade the bouncer at a club. I can imagine just explaining to him that my ID is wrong. That is one party I won’t be getting into. Isn’t that amazing?! We might have not had the ability to do homework or go to class, but we were learning the most fundamentals of life itself. Being in that environment, we were rapidly growing from something quite small to something weighing, in my case, ten pounds! That is more growing than I will be doing now that I am “21”!

I appreciate where I have been in life, and I look back to that being an important part as to why I am here today. Just think of how crazy that is! You were alive before the day that you were born.


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