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Halloween Superstitions to Make You Think Twice About This Spooky Day

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TR Robertson

TR Robertson — Below is a list of Halloween superstitions that are guaranteed to make you think a little harder about what you are doing or what you need to do to protect yourself on October 31st, Halloween Day. Nothing can be completely guaranteed, but many people will follow some of these beliefs to help keep things safe and secure on this festive but scary day.

  • Ring a bell on Halloween night to drive evil spirits away
  • Walk three times backwards around your home before the sun sets on Halloween to keep evil spirits away
  • Traveling on Halloween night is discouraged
  • If you hear footsteps behind you do not look back, it may be the soul of a deceased person.
  • If you hear footsteps behind you do not look back, it may be the soul of a deceased person.
  • A piece of bread crossed with salt protects you against evil spirits if you take it with you
  • If a candle flame turns blue or goes out it means a spirit is in your home.
  • A spider seen on All Hallows Eve is said to be the soul of a deceased family member
  • If you hear an owl on Halloween night, turn your pockets inside out to protect yourself.
  • Never go hunting on All Hallows Eve, it angers spirits
  • A bat flying three times around a home signals a death may be immanent or a ghost or spirit is close by.
  • Place an apple under your pillow on Halloween night to dream about your future husband. You can also try a silver sixpence and a sprig of rosemary.
  • If you put your clothes on backwards at midnight and walk backwards you will see a witch
  • Having apples, nuts or candles with you on Halloween are symbols of magic charms.
  • A carved pumpkin in a window will protect you from demons and evil spirits.
  • Holding your breath while you drive by a cemetery will keep evil spirits from entering your body.
  • If you are by a crossroad on Halloween night and listen to the wind it will tell you what will befall you for the coming year.

If you see a ghost on Halloween, walk around it 9 nines and it will disappear.

  • Children born on Halloween night are said to have the gift of second sight and able to ward off evil spirits.
  • Burning a candle inside a Jack O Lantern wards off evil spirits.

There are even more superstitions if you live in countries outside of the United States. But the ones listed are ones that have been passed down through the years in this country, probably coming over from other countries of the world. Lots of people believe in them, just like they believe in simpler ones like not walking across a black cat’s path, or not walking under a ladder or tossing salt over the opposite shoulder if you spill it.

Life is full of many unusual beliefs – Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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