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Grocery Grabs #8 – Primo Thunder Market and Bakery

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Alex Hughes — February  2018  In a neighborhood, along the 78, I found a small Mexican market, as well as some other businesses, that goes by the name of Primo Thunder Market and Bakery. As I walked up, there were a clout of cars that sat outside next to a laundromat. The market had fruit for sale along the outside and chairs that allowed for people to sit and eat. The inside of the store was much more wider going from left to right unlike the stores I had previously been to. On the left side is where they sell their bread and on the right is where the produce and snacks are. I investigated the produce first and found the common fruits such as apples and onions, but I also came across some very interesting-looking guavas and apricots. The apricots were very tiny: smaller than my palm! Next to them were some leafy vegetables such as watercress, cilantro and parsley. I took some nopalitos; for some reason named differently than the others. Maybe it came from a different region? There were also dried fruits such as raisins and dates, but it was much cheaper to buy them at Frazier Farms. It seems like they were premium goods! The aisle farthest to the right was toiletries while the ones to the left were canned goods. Here I found many types of canned fish and hot sauces. Many were looking familiar from the other markets I had been to. However, some did stick out. The back wall had dairy and sodas.

Photos by Alex Hughes

There was a cheese that I found to be from Honduras. It was quite watery and was pure white. I wanted to taste it, but I was going to the beach later on. Crossing over, I found there to be a ordering station just like the deli at Albertsons that sold hot items and then the cold cuts. What really caught my attention was the smell of icing and cakes. They bake breads at this location, and you can tell. The concentration of sugar stuck in the air and was sourced back to the kitchen where they had trays and trays full of pan dulce. The pink sugar crackling as it heated up in the oven.

I zoomed right past the walls full of deserts remembering that I don’t eat that anymore! Better safe than sorry! I ended up buying a few items. Here they are!

Grocery List:

  • Granny-Smith Apples
  • Nopalitos
  • La Costena Canned Serranos
  • El Super Lion’s Peanuts with Chili and Lemon (2)


Primo Thunder Market and Bakery – 2810 Thunder Dr B, Oceanside, CA 92056


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