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Grocery Grabs #3: Salsa Market

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Alex Hughes …. November  2017 –  Salsa is a word when I think about a great citrusy dip with jalapenos, onions, cilantro etc. Don’t forget the chips! However, there is a market by this name alongside North Santa Fe in Vista. The name was definitely a change to the basic ones that I had seen previously. What really interested me was the vintage arrow that was guiding me to the shopping center. It was atop the sign with the other shop names.

Upon arriving in the parking lot, don’t be surprised if you notice some of the cracked pavement or chipped up buildings, I think this place has been around for a long time. There was also some people that had seemed to be out of place and were questionable.

I walked into Salsa coming across what seemed to be a dinner rush. I found out that most were there for the check-cashing. I began to look around to see what was new and what was on my list.

The front of the store housed the fresh produce while the side areas sold meat and dairy. The middle of course had the canned and dried goods. First in my basket were tlayudas or what I like to think of as Mexican pizza: satelitte size tortillas. I definitely had to take this home if I could fit it with me! I also came across cassava root which was this giant waxy type of yam-shape. I ended up finding out that it was poisonous if eaten raw! I decided to skip that! I found serranos, chili peanuts, jicama and betabel which is a type of beet.

Finishing my shopping, I got to the front where two people were manning the helm as the long line awaited. I got confused and found myself in the checking line. Whoops! Once I got to the cashier, I found it to be a bit difficult to communicate with my English, but that is how it is when you find these markets.

Before I headed home, I wanted to take a look around the shopping center. What I saw was a salon, shoe store, ice cream shop, a Metro-PCS and a pozoleria. At that moment, I found myself transported to a different area once again where I could began a new discovery with new shops. Gracias.

Salsa Market, 1100 North Santa Fe Ave., Vista, CA 92083



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