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Grocery Grabs #2: El Super Toro Market

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Alex Hughes... October  2017   El Super Toro was quite a ways from the Vista Transit Center where I just got off from the Sprinter, but I was eager to shop at a new place! I got into the parking lot into the aging shopping center which has seen its better days with its archetecture and pavement being worn down from the many visitors over the years. I began to remember 10 years ago, there being a place called the Vista Oriental Market that sold Japanese foods, but unfortunately it went under. It seems that this might have replaced it. Walking in, I was surprised to see that they were able to fit all of the grocery equipment in such a small area.

The fresh produce was out front while the meat counter was in the back and in between were the packaged goods. I went first for the produce where I found the usual fruits that I see everyday while also noticing the unusual: cilantro, plantains, tomatillos, serano chilis, radishes, jalopenos and even fresh roasted peanuts! That was a buy for my grandma.

Grocery Checklist:

  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Tomatillos
  • Chayote Squash
  • Plantains
  • Dried Red Corn
  • Cilantro

Moving in toward the center aisles was where I found some odd couplings of candy and toys: cow figurines and cloned “Power Rangers”. I also noticed the milk and cheese which were brands that I have really heard of. The deli had all sorts of cuts quite a lot of beef: fresh and red. The other shelves had canned and bottled goods such as salsas, moles, ketchups and mustards: some most have been sitting there for a while because dust had collected. A tough sell maybe.

Overall, the location was another way for me to find new ethnic foods in my city, and I was able to enjoy the adventure. I have much more locations to go to, and I hope you, the reader, decides to embark on your own adventure in this vast place we call Vista.

El Super Toro Market – 1021 N Santa Fe, Vista, CA 92084


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