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Grocery Grabs #18- Viva Supermercado

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Alex Hughes — September 2018 … After a morning meeting with the North Coastal Prevention Coalition, I had planned on going to a local Mexican market in Oceanside. Luckily, this place was just down the street. This part of Oceanside has had me wary before because it being close to East Oceanside which I heard of having gang and crime affiliation. However, when I was there, I felt quite comfortable because it reminded me of certain parts in Vista. I was not too sure on what shopping center it was in though. I saw the large Mexican chain store called El Super, but I wanted to find the mom and pop shop. It was actually a block down in a very old looking shopping center. There were a few other stores including an abandoned buffet restaurant, but the parking lot was quite empty.

I went inside the location and noticed how large this store was; it definitely looked like a supermarket rather than the smaller markets I went to. It was kind of nice to have more space to move around. I took a

Shopping center marquee

look at the produce section which had grapes, apples, watermelons and oranges. There was also an area where you could pick up Mexican-style dry goods like you would see at Frazier Farms; it was open air. The fresh meat counter was toward the right and was quite long. A hot foods section, combined with the fresh meats, allowed you to order items such as soups, tacos and burritos.

Front of store

The middle shelves were filled with items such as beans, pasta sauces, cooking oils, flour, baking materials and cereal; this seems to be uniform with both American and Mexican style grocery stores. I realized how similar they both are. There are a few unique items such as pig’s feet, tubs of lard and Mexican crema, but overall, they are the same foods. It goes to show you how it truly is an American grocery store. What I really like about this market was that they made fresh tortillas in store. There was a little bank teller window on the left side which had stacks of tortillas on the left and right side. Behind it, you could see the machines that transformed masa into chewy tortillas. However, I decided to buy some sopes which were made up north; I hadn’t got those for a while. I will definitely want to try these tortillas made  in Oceanside. Now, that’s what I call locally sourced food. They also make their own tortilla chips!

After I passed through a fridge aisle, which was quite rare in these markets, I went to checkout. This is where I realized that personal space was important. I felt a little hurried out of  line when I was at the register.

Before I left, I grabbed their weekly ad. Too bad their ad doesn’t come in the mail!


-Sopes – -Habas con chile – -Peanuts con chile – -Kiwis – -Tomatillos – -Sunflower seeds

-Tomato sauce – -Cereal

Viva Supermercado, 2031 Mission Ave , Oceanside, CA 92058


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