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Grocery Grabs #17- Novillo’s Market

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Alex Hughes —  August 2018…. It was pretty cool to find out that Oceanside actually has a transit station in the San Luis Rey area. I am somewhat familiar with these streets as I have walked through them before and have taken the NCTD Route 303. However, I did not notice a Mexican market! This particular market was named Novillo’s which sounds like boyfriend in Spanish, but I realized that that is actually “novio”. As I looked up “novillo” in the dictionary, I find that it means young bull which makes sense. There have been some markets such as El Super Toro, Rodeo’s or Patron Market that have had a bull with horns on their sign.

Photos by Alex Hughes

This sign was one of my favorites because of how large it was. When you walk in the parking lot, it sure does stick out with it hanging over the roof. Boom! Definitely trying to make an impact to their customers just as a bull does to a matador. The front windows were covered with their weekly deals and the colorful brooms sat in the box in the corner. A few kids walked out with their snacks and ice cream as I mingled around them. They stock some of their produce in the front. I must say that it is quite a tight squeeze to get in the aisles. The first row I went into was stocked with drinks and dry goods such as cereal. The back of the store had the produce where I bought some Granny Smith apples. The aisles behind me was where I found some snacks such as habas, peanuts, gummies, and even ice cream. I blazed through the products because of my familiarity with these stores. I kind of like that because I feel more comfortable and understanding rather than an outsider. I know the flavors.

I reached the cashier and picked up some tortillas. These were a new brand from San Diego. I always like to try and see the differences between the textures and pairings with tacos and such. I did remember to hand my business card over. You never know when a story may come up!

Grocery List:

  • -Tortillas
  • -Apples
  • -Black-eye peas
  • -Tomatillos

Novillos Meat Market – 620 North Redondo Drive, Oceanside, CA 92057



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