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Grocery Grabs #16- Z Market

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 Alex Hughes  — July 2018 …. escaped the humid weather unscathed and ended up taking a trip over to Z-Market. It was a day of errands that I began with my weekly trash pickup over on South Santa Fe. I then visited the Vista Library to cool off. I managed to catch the 303 on time and crossed the border to Oceanside. These “Grocery Grabs” seem to be getting farther and farther! Next, I will be in Carlsbad and Escondido!

Z-Market was located along Mission Ave in Oceanside. This is the side of town by the 76 and by many thrift stores. I also noticed the completion of the affordable housing across the street. I have to say that they were not that aesthetically pleasing. I had some confusion on what type of business that Z-Market was. I initially thought it was a liquor market, but then some searches online revealed that it was a grocery market. However, when I walked up, I saw

that underneath the words “Z-Market” was “Liquor”. I almost turned around at that point because I had no reason to go into a liquor market as I am underage and have no desire to drink alcohol. I took a peek into the front doors and saw that it actually looked like a regular market, and there were the infamous brooms! Now, I knew that it was a Mexican market!

The customers seemed a little ruffled and were not the family type. It seems that they were flying solo as well. I took a look to the left of the store and saw a deli counter where they made fresh tamales. I have been by when they are cooking out front. It is usually huge slabs of meat! The large fridges had some cheese and produce, but the quality was lacking as some tomatillos had mold on them. Plus, there was not much fruit or veggies. The shelves across the way actually had some dry and canned foods. They had a fair assortment of beans and chili peppers along with salsas and hot sauces. I kept noticing that a large portion of product did not have prices on the shelves which made it hard to tell the total on my receipt. Luckily, with past experience, I could gauge how much it would be. Their tortillas were “Esperanza’s” from Escondido: tried these before. This was the only brand. I must say that they did carry larger packages of snacks such as trail mix and the hard to find habas con chili and garbanzos con chili.

The liquor market surprised me with their selection! I did not realize they had more than the bottles of beer and whiskey in the corner. I ended up checking out with this on my list!


  • -White beans
  • -Habas con chili
  • -Garbanzos con chili
  • -Yellow split peas
  • -Fruit trail mix
  • -Tortillas

Z-Market- 3200 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92058


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