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Grocery Grabs #13- Mission West Market

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Alex Hughes — May 2018  ….I had my eyes on this place for a few months, but I couldn’t enter the market because I had a backpack on. There was a clear sign out front that you cannot go in with one. That is my tip to customers! I went it with my reusable bag this time around!

The location of the market is off the Sprinter stop at San Marcos Civic Center. It is a few blocks down from the station in a neighborhood that reminds me of North Santa Fe in Vista. When you walk down the street, you pass by Alex’s Tacos, Mr. Taco and the San Marcos Unified School District. The market is in a shopping center with a panaderia and an empty tortilleria. There are also apartments to the right. I almost thought the front reminded me of one those liquor markets, but I was wrong as I stepped into one of the biggest Mexican markets that I have seen.

Stepping in, you walk into several rows of cash registers and an overtly white room. There is a main counter to the right which has cigarettes and medical products on the shelves behind it. The register lines have chips and snacks that are meant to be impulse buys but targeted toward this demographic such as chili with lemon chips and dried mangoes and tamarind. Once you pass this section, you can see produce to the left that are quite common in regular grocery stores such as lettuce, carrots, cilantro and radishes. I bought some cucumbers and radishes that I have not had for a while: my sister likes Japanese pickled cucumbers. I passed by the hot foods counter and found roasted chicken and dried chicharrones. There were many waiting to order like in Albertsons.

I checked the few aisles and found a wide variety of product especially snacks! I have not seen this in other places! If you have a sweet tooth or like to munch on things then this is the place! I snagged some whole wheat cookies with only two grams of sugar per one cookie! This is much healthier than the cookies I see at Target or Walmart. I never thought the day would come when I could buy a store-bought cookie instead of making it at home. It was by the brand name of “Integra” and was carrot flavored. I managed to put it in my cereal with Cheerios, and it made a great addition.

I checked out and was not given the best attention at the register. However, I did leave with some new products!


  • -Integra Cookies
  • -Radishes
  • -Cucumbers
  • -Goya’s Canary Beans
  • -Goya’s Yucca Roots
  • -Peanuts con Chamoy

Mission West Market,  478 West San Marcos Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069


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