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Grocery Grabs #11- El Vecino Market

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Alex Hughes — May 6, 2018… I thought I had seen all the Mexican grocery stores in Vista, but I found one hidden along Postal Way! It was by the name of “El Vecino Market”. It is related to the San Marcos Market which I reviewed here: http://thevistapress.com/grocery-grabs-9-san-marcos-market/. I found that it was clean and brand new!

I went into the shopping center which had stores such as Martinez Bakery and Jackson Hewitt. I came up to the large posters of fruits and vegetables along with snack products such as Takis and Canelitas. While I was taking photos, I did get some glances in my direction. Like I said before, I am a tourist in my own city! I was also thinking that it was great to see healthy foods and exercise studios come to these parts of Vista. That will allow the local residents to make better choices to the unhealthy dulcerias around the corner.

Out front, there were flyers for the weekly deals and brooms which I had seen at Tropicana Market. Interesting how brooms are the first thing that they want you to see! When you walk in, you first see produce such as onions, apples, plantains while the open fridges housed iceberg lettuce and cactus pads. Walking to the meat counter, I saw the familiar cuts of beef and tortilla brands that I had all tried! What was cool was that they made fresh sopes in store! Chewy! However, I decided to go for a new brand of tortillas that I discovered up front, “Mi Angel Tortilleria”, from San Diego. Quite the travel but they were housed in a cooler to keep them fresh. The following aisles, I found canned foods and hot sauces. There was also paper towels and soaps. The fridges to the far right housed alcohol and juices: WIC items such as cereals and peanut butter were in the corner.

I checked out and left with a few new items such as epazote and these new types of beans. Here is my list!

Grocery List:

  • -Tortillas
  • -Apples
  • -Cucumbers
  • -Chili Peanuts
  • -Epazote
  • -Cactus Strips
  • -Beans

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