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Grocery Grabs #10- Eddie’s Market and Liquor

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Alex Hughes — April 2018 …Along North Santa Fe, I found a location that I had put off. It was what appeared to be a liquor market which I imagined did not have the foods that I was looking for. I also saw the few reviews that it had, and I thought of skipping it for other locations, but I was plesently surprised at how nice it was.

The shopping center where it was located did not stand out too much with stores that sold cell phones and fish being in proximity. Spanish was the main language around here. I went in and found the counter to the right where the cigarettes and alcohol were and the fruits and deli being to the right. The produce was quite similar to what I had seen such as tomatillos, apples, potatoes and even quail eggs! The only time I had seen this was at Mitsuwa which is a Japanese supermarket chain. I grabbed the tiny eggs and marveled at their speckled shells. In addition, I found another surprise which was bread that was made in Vista. There was

banana bread and other nut breads available.

I got to the deli counter and noticed the familiar sign of red meats and sausages. Included with this were the tortillas with names such as Esperanza’s, Diana’s and Tortilleria Santa Cruz. I chose a new brand from Norwalk, CA which was also the same location of tortillas from Albertson’s. The middle aisles housed the canned beans, hot sauces, pastas, soaps, shampoos and sponges. The last aisle was where the alcohol was concentrated.

The customer service was what I was most impressed with. The employees were very nice especially the people up front. They were curious to know about my writing position at the Vista Press and even made sure that I left with a quality beet instead of a soft and squishy one! Amazing!

Grocery List:

  • -Tortillas
  • -Tomatillos
  • -Quail Eggs
  • -Chili peanuts (2)
  • -Beet (1)

Eddie’s Market and Liquor, 415 North Santa Fe, Vista, CA 92084


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