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Frothy Foam Takes Torrey Pines

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Alex Hughes — It was a winter day and very breezy. It was also Sunday which I try and leave for travel or at least some time for myself. However, on my list of places to go, I wanted to see Torrey Pines and bathtub rock as its known. It is a large rock formation that is a few feet from the sand. In the middle, there is a rectangular indentation where people can try and take a dip. If you are lucky to see it, you may be able to stand on it. However, I’ve seen the waves take a hit at some. That is what makes it tricky to see because you have to plan the trip out in terms of high tide verus low tide. If the water comes in too far then you may have trouble getting back. I had this experience with my sister where we literally had to run as fast as we could to avoid getting drenched by the waves. However, on this trip, I was not able to fully see bathtub rock considering the waves. I did see something cooler.

I heard about sea foam from the Weather Channel show Strangest Weather on Earth which is dedicated to showing the unbelievable feats of Mother Nature. There was one video here that blew my mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-oGP3zCxLY. This was the real bathtub! Since that time, I was curious about where it came from. I knew that when you used soap or shampoo, you would see the same foamy action, but this was out in the ocean where people don’t tend to take baths. I later found out that it was a result of nature itself. On this day, I saw this happen on a much smaller scale. The foam was less thick and much lighter to the eye. It could be scooped up or nudged by the foot. I used my fingers to test it out and skipped along the rocks where the majority of it was. The ocean kept bringing it back out along the rocks, and the icey breeze jiggled it like Jell-O. The fascination kept me in its grip for about 10 minutes as I walked along Torrey Pines.

It sure is amazing to see what some of the products of nature are. It is also crazier to see something on TV in real life especially when it comes to something so unique. I hope that I can see this sea foam again: bigger.


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