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Cosmic Salvation – Conclusion Thomas Calabrese

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My Celestal Brother


For the next week Twister spent at least three hours a day sitting in the backyard, staring up at the sky. Finally Bear’s curiosity got the best of him, “Are you doing something that’s I’m just not getting or is it some kind of secret ritual?”

“I hear a voice out in the distance telling me thousands of things,” Twister explained, “and once I get the information, I never forget it.”

“Yeah,” Bear replied, “If you say so.”

“I’m going to need this Intel soon.”

Benito Vincente Delgado was not only the personification of evil, but was a sociopathic killer. He grew up in the slums of Tijuana completely void of any morals, ethics or adherence to laws or common decency. His father was a career criminal and his mother was a prostitute and drug user and from the time he was old enough to roam the streets he began tormenting and abusing other children with his deviant behavior.  As he got older, his criminal behavior increased in severity as he quickly rose from ruthless enforcer to head of his own criminal empire. BVD as he was called became more bloodthirsty as his Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy worsened from dozens of concussions. It was during his late twenties that BVD began taking massive dosages of the anabolic steroid Trenbolone which also contributed to his irrational and brutal behavior.

BVD stood six foot eight inches tall and weighed three hundred and fifteen pounds and had been known to beat a man to death for no reason other than to get some exercise.  He used the enormous profits from his drug cartel and human trafficking enterprises to become the most violent, dangerous and feared man in the world while amassing hundreds of millions of dollars that funded his private vicious army of thugs and murderers. BVD’s main obsession was his legacy and being remembered in history so when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he began working on an elaborate and grandiose scheme to capture the Grand Canyon’s southern rim on the 4th of July, America’s greatest national holiday as retribution for being hunted by American law enforcement agencies for years.

The plan was to strike with military precision and capture every tourist visiting the Grand Canyon during the holiday and hold them hostage, while setting up defensive positions at strategic locations throughout the National Park. They would eliminate the park rangers and security personnel and anti-aircraft guns would be set up at the Grand Canyon National Airport to take down any incoming aircraft. BVD’s men would have enough weaponry to hold off an army as well as enough food and water to sustain themselves for several weeks. All entries to the Park would be mined and booby trapped. Once the area was under his control, BVD planned to torture and execute the hostages and stream the footage over the worldwide web.

This would be the greatest terrorist attack in the history of the United States, even surpassing the tragedy of 9/11. BVD’s diabolical plan also included ambushing and killing thousands of first responders and military personnel, attempting to retake the national landmark. It was a suicide mission so BVD offered five million dollars to any man who would follow him. His followers knew they would never get the chance to spend it, but it would take care of their families for several lifetimes.

Twister got up at zero three hundred and knocked on Bear’s bedroom door.

“Yeah,” Bear groggily replied.

“We need to get moving,” Twister replied.

Two hours later Twister and Bear were on Interstate 8 East and headed to Yuma, Arizona.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Bear asked.

“Not just yet,” Twister replied, “I just know we’re supposed to go in this direction.”

In Arizona, three tractor trailer trucks found an isolated area off Highway 64 near Jacobs Lake and pulled off the road just after sunrise. Several minutes later, three large buses arrived at the same location and twenty four heavily armed men disembarked. The trailer doors of one of the trucks were opened and six Polaris 900 All-Terrain Vehicles were off loaded with six small trailers. The trailers were filled with weapons, ammunition and provisions. Four men got into each ATV.  BVD walked up to a man in the lead ATV, “Call me when you are in position.”

This process was repeated four more times with the final stop being the Grand Canyon National Airport in Tusayan which was located seven miles from the South Rim and two miles from the park entrance. BVD and the remaining twenty four men got off here.

Twister and Bear had been driving for hours, still not knowing what their exact destination was until they got to Highway 64 and saw the sign Grand Canyon 48 miles. Twister pulled off the highway, got out of the car and looked upward for several minutes then got back in and raced off, “I know our mission, there is a terrorist attack going down at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.”

Five miles down the road, an Arizona highway patrol officer pulled over Twister who was doing over a hundred miles an hour in his vehicle.  As soon as the officer walked up to the car, Twister popped out a fake identification card and badge; Homeland Security Counter Terrorism.

“We’re responding to a credible threat,” Twister said with hesitation.

“Do you need any help?” The officer responded.

“Thanks anyway, we’ll handle it,” Twister sped off without waiting for a reply then handed Bear a fake I.D. and badge with his name and photo on it.

When they got within one mile of the Grand Canyon main entrance, Twister slammed on the brakes, quickly got of the car and disabled a land mine, “Follow me,” he continued to walk down the highway while Bear followed him in the vehicle. When nine land mines were disabled, Twister walked back to the vehicle, “There’s an ambush up ahead, I’ll take them out.”

“I know that the most logical question would be to ask you how you knew there were land mines in the road and an ambush up ahead,” Bear responded, “but I’m sure my brain would not comprehend your explanation, so don’t waste your time.”

“I’ll call you on when it’s clear and don’t let anybody pass this way,” Twister took off in a sprint that would have put a cheetah to shame while jumping higher than a red kangaroo as he bounded over the boulders.

BVD was standing in front of a large anti-aircraft gun with his IPhone in his right hand, “Move in.”

The multipronged attack began and the terrorists moved in to take control of their assigned objectives.  Twister was moving toward one group of men while his cosmic sibling was transmitting pertinent information about the exact location of the each assailant. Twister leaped over a boulder without even knowing what was on the other side and landed directly on a terrorist and broke his neck. He rushed at another man and punched him so hard in the chest that his heart ruptured. Twister knew that he had to take out each man as quietly as possible so that they could not warn the others. Four terrorists were standing next to their ATV so Twister rushed up and threw a shoulder block into the heavy metal object with such force that the ATV knocked the men off their feet. Twister tossed the metal vehicle aside, then crushed each man’s windpipe with his bare hands, as easily as a normal person would crack an egg. When he heard a distinctive ring, Twister took a cellphone off a dead body and was able to pick up valuable information including voice patterns just by holding it for a few seconds.

“Are you in position?” BVD asked.

“Affirmative,” Twister perfectly duplicated the voice of the dead terrorist.”

“Commence attack.”

“Moving in,” Twister responded

Bear was standing in the middle of the blacktop with a Deputy Sheriff and they had a couple hundred cars lined up down the highway.  Twister came running up, holding a pistol and an AK-47 rifle, he threw them in the backseat and quickly got in the car, with Bear only a couple steps behind him, then called out to the Deputy Sheriff, “Keep up the good work.”

As they raced away, Twister received telepathic images of hostages that were captured by the enemy terrorists. The men were being brutally beaten while the women were sexually assaulted. BVD and his contingent of fighters took command of the airfield and control tower.

The massive hunk of muscle then injected himself in his buttocks with a high dose of the powerful steroid Trenbolone and did a primal yell that echoed down the runways. When they got closer to the airfield, Twister used his powerful vision to see a group of tourists and airport employee being rounded up like skittish cattle.

“I need to let them capture me,” Twister said.

“What do you want me to do?” Bear asked.

“If any police show up, tell them that an agent is already in there, handling the situation,” Twister explained, “and not to enter.”

BVD signaled one of his men, holding a camera, to begin filming his announcement, “My name is Benito Vincente Delgado and I have taken control of the Grand Canyon as my personal tribute to America’s greatest national holiday, Fourth of July. Mister President. I strongly encourage you to try and take it back from me, I’ll be waiting.”

In less than ten seconds the message had gone viral over the internet and law enforcement and military personnel were quickly mobilizing to deal with the unprecedented attack. Twister casually walked toward the group of terrorists and when he got close enough, five men threw him to the ground and began hitting him with their rifles butts and kicking him with their boots. It had no effect on Twister, but he pretended to be submissive and timid as he was dragged to a place where sixty hostages were being held. A terrorist put plastic handcuffs on Twister’s wrists and ankles, then viciously kicked him in the face.

Twister quickly evaluated the situation and determined where each of the terrorists were located then turned to a fearful teenage girl, cowering next to him and smiled reassuringly, “ Stay calm, I’ll be back,” he easily snapped the thick plastic restraints off his wrists and ankles, like they were rubber bands and was gone in an instant.  One by one the terrorists were silently terminated before they could make any attempt to defend themselves.

“We need to get moving,” Twister said, when he returned to the teenage girl. He snapped her restraints with his bare hands and handed her a knife, “I told you I’d be back; cut the restraints off the others. Pass the word that we’re moving out.”

“Just who are you?” The young girl asked in astonishment.

“Just a tourist who doesn’t like people messing around with my vacation plans,” Twister   smiled.

When Twister returned with the distraught hostages, Bear commented with a wry smile, “I assume things went as planned.”

“I adapted to the situation, like you taught me,” Twister answered then turned to the girl, “We’ve got to go, stay out of sight, authorities will be arriving soon,” both men got in their car and raced off before the girl could utter a reply.

A police helicopter flew near the Grand Canyon Airport and BVD’s men shot it down with a burst of anti-aircraft fire and a minute later a dual engine Cessna prepared to land and it was also blown out of the sky as well. The burning wreckages were clear indications of the seriousness of the situation.

Twister drove west for two miles over open terrain, got out and ran up a steep and rocky incline and came up behind a group of terrorists on the top of a hill. They had set up two M-60 machine guns with clear fields of fire in both directions on Highway 64. Twister eliminated one machine gun position and was prepared to go after the other one, when he was seen detected. The other terrorists were just about ready to turn their machine gun on him, when Bear sneaked up on their left flank and shot them, “If I’m going to be the sidekick then I’m going to need to do more than just direct traffic,” Bear put his hand on his knees and struggled to catch his breath after his exhaustive run.

“Thanks,” Twister said, “We’re almost done,”

When they arrived at the Grand Canyon airport, Twister quickly determined that the hostages were being held in the terminal.

“What’s our plan?” Bear asked.

“I’ll get the hostages,” Twister pointed to one of the anti-aircraft guns, “You take control of the twenty millimeter and do what you do best, when I give you the signal.”

“Roger that,” Bear replied.

Bear quietly got in a concealed position where he had a clear shot at the three men manning the surface to air weapon as Twister made his way to the back of the terminal and pulled off a metal vent and climbed into the building. As one terrorist walked by, Twister snapped out a powerful left jab that struck the man in the temple and killed him instantly. He put on the terrorist’s baseball cap, shirt and took his weapon and pretended to part of the terrorist force. When he got to where the thirty five hostages were being held under guard, Twister processed the situation in a micro-second and determined in which order he was going to eliminate the terrorists. He killed all eight men with accurate shots, sometimes within inches of an innocent victim.

The hostages looked at the man who had just saved their lives, too afraid to speak. Twister reassured them, “This will be a good vacation story to tell your friends after you get home.”

Twister radioed Bear, “Take ‘em out.”

“Roger,” Bear replied.

A moment later, Bear took aim and shot the three terrorists, then rushed to take control of the anti- aircraft weapon and when he did, he unleashed hell on the remaining terrorists and their equipment.

In a matter of seconds explosions rocked the runways of the airport as BVD viewed the carnage from his perch in the control tower.  He frantically called his men by radio and when there was no response, he became enraged as his elaborate plan of terror began to unravel before his eyes. When BVD turned around, he saw Twister run up the stairwell and shoot three armed men then turned to face him, “I couldn’t get any information about my tour at the ticket counter below.”

BVD didn’t know what to make of the young man standing before him except to say, “You must very good,” The pain in his head was excruciating and getting worse with each passing moment so he gritted his teeth and charged forward like a deranged bull. Twister punched BVD so hard in the face that it stopped the massive drug kingpin dead in his tracks, while knocking out all his front teeth and breaking his jaw, it was as if he had ran into a brick wall.  Twister yanked out a handful of computer wires and cords then looped them around BVD’s neck. He punched out a section of the thick glass that surrounded the top of the control tower with his right fist. Twister carried the 315 pound psychotic killer to the opening and slowly lowered him outside. He watched the merciless murderer struggle and eventually choke himself to death, then released his grip and let the body crash to the concrete, seventy five feet below.

When Bear reached the top of the control tower, “Is it over?”

“Yeah,” Twister replied.

“Did you find the head honcho?”  Bear asked.

“He was hanging around for a while, but he caught the terrorist express to the ground floor,” Twister said with a straight face.

As they were leaving the airport, first responders were flooding in from every direction. Twister showed his fake I.D. to an Arizona Highway Patrol Officer and kept driving.  Three hours later, Twister stopped the car and both men got out and took a short walk, before Twister looked up, “Ever been on a cruise ship?”

“No, just Navy ships,” Bear replied, “Why?”

“How about pirate movies,  seen many of them?”

“A few; Captain Blood, Mutiny on The Bounty, Pirates of the Caribbean,” Bear replied.

“Good, but you need to think more along the lines of Under Siege, regardless; our next stop is the Ivory Coast. Somali pirates have taken control of a cruise ship,” Twister smiled.

As the car drove down Highway 64, a meteor in faraway space kept it under constant surveillance.  July 4th, 2017 was a good day for America as honor and heroism triumphed over evil and aggression. Make no mistake though, the war is far from over, but rest assured, warriors and patriots like Bear and Twister will always be there to meet the threat head on… of course, having a celestial big brother as their ally will be a big help!











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  1. Guy says:

    I liked the first part and really enjoyed how the second part tied everything together

    Happy 4th of July to Twister, Bear and all Patriots!

  2. John Michels says:

    Fun story. Want to take cruise with cosmic brother to Somalia

  3. Tony Marengo says:

    Mr. Calabrese has done it again with another great story. He knows how to write an action adventure, hold the reader’s interest and from beginning to end. A talent writer.

  4. Kyle says:

    Happy 4th of July…A good time to recognize Patriots for their service. This story did just that!

  5. Mona says:

    Great ending! I would love to hear about more escapades of these two heroes and their celestial buddy …

  6. Tony says:

    “Mr. Calabrese has done it again with another great story. He knows how to write an action adventure, hold the reader’s interest and from beginning to end. A talent writer.” Semper Fidelis,

  7. Cary says:

    Good story..enjoyed it very much.

  8. Steve says:

    I’d be honored to serve beside Twister, Bear and their Celestial comrade.

  9. Josh says:

    Twister and Bear need to go to North Korea and get that situation taken care! Good story

  10. Mike says:

    I really enjoy Tom’s stories…always filled with action, have good themes and great characters. Don’t stop writing them

  11. Janet says:

    Four stars…a little of everything in just the right combination…perfect for 4th of July. I feel safer, knowing Twister and Bear are out there.

  12. Clyde Tate says:

    Nice Scifi twist for an action adventure story.
    Good work Tom.

  13. Wolf says:

    Looking forward to the movie.

  14. Craig Rizzi says:

    Great action/adventure story by my paisan,Calabrese. Except this time he demonstrates his ability to write in the sci fi genre. For a minute,I thought I was reading HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds” ! I particularly enjoyed the passage about Twister’s ‘symbiotic’ relationship with the meteor. They fed off each other !

    Highly enjoyable stuff Tom.

    Grazie mille,
    Craig Rizzi

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