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Clothes Off!! Someone’s Missing a Sock!

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Alex Hughes — July 3, 2018 ….Have you ever been on a beach cleanup or an Only Losers Litter cleanup? You will find some very strange items that people throw on the ground including articles of clothing. If you are lucky, it will be something in fair condition. If you aren’t so lucky, it may just be a diaper in awful condition.

Clothes are one of the most important things that we own. They protect us from the sun and keep us warm, and in the summertime, keep us cool. So why are some of us tossing these articles on the ground. At the beach, you may find that someone has left some flip-flops behind in the sand or even swim trunks in the bathroom! Granted, flip-flops are pretty cheap, but they don’t have a use once they end up in the landfill. It definitely makes you wonder why someone would leave swim trunks behind? This is on my list of items that I won’t ever pick up!

Now, if we head back to Vista, you will began to notice other clothing on the sidewalks and even in our parks. This could possibly be from the noticeable homeless population in our city. Take for example, Soroptimist Park, at one point someone had stuffed a pair of jeans into the trash can. These jeans had a very large stain on them that will not be mentioned in this article here. Other clothes that I have found are socks, shoes that have been tossed in bushes, shirts hanged on fences and blouses on the walls of our Veteran’s Memorial Park. I cover my eyes when I see these sometimes and cringe at the thought of them as I am writing this.

These are probably the strangest items to find when you are on a trash walk as you will usually see cigarette butts, plastic wrappers and crumbled napkins. Watch out what type of clothing you pick up though when you grab that trash picker! Because you never know what is going to get in that bucket!


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