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Chained Gates at the Buena Vista Ecological Reserve

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Alex Hughes – February 2018….While I was at the Hosp Grove Trail, I wanted to also take a visit to the Buena Vista Lagoon. Luckily, I just needed to cross the street. The weather was perfect for viewing the water which glimmered under the sky. Ducks were sparse, yet there was a fisher there trying to grab some fish under the overpass. I was on the bridge, overhead, taking it all in and realizing how amazing this was! Just another beautiful day in California! The lagoon viewing area was closed off to the public with fencing all around including the visitor’s area. It was clearly abandoned to what I had seen. The sign was getting covered by weeds and the bulletin board was wearing out from the sun and the age. It still appeared that there were papers for those who came to see posted on. I wanted to do more research and according to what I found on the San Diego Union Tribune from a 2003 article, it has suffered from multiple incidents involving the public.

Photos by Alex Hughes

From illegally feeding the animals to introducing domestic livestock, it appeared that they were waiting for a team to volunteer for security and maintenance. I am not sure if that manifested. I could only see  it from a distance. There was a street by the name of Lagoon View Drive that had no traffic. There were signs of trash and shopping carts. I did not feel safe going all the way down because of this. Plus, the lagoon was getting harder to see from there anyways. I definitely want to do a cleanup here as well as to document the litter here. I found the lagoon to be quite relaxing, but I feel that it needs more attention and care.

Buena Vista Lagoon Article on San Diego Union Tribune:




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