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Camels Out in the Deserts of Ramona

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Alex Hughes… December 1, 2017

I never thought I would see a camel in my life! Well, at least here in Southern California. Who would ever think that they would be roaming the valleys? At Oasis Camel Dairy on the backroads of North County is where they take care of camels and milk them for cosmetics and soaps. There is also a portion of it dedicated to riding as well as feeding for the general public.

I went this past Sunday with my mom who is quite interested in anything Egypt which includes camels. Getting there, we passed through huge mountains and large valleys that reminded me of Los Angeles entering the Central Valley. It caught me by surprise that this was so close to home. This area hosted egg farms, wineries, orange groves, avocado trees and the small town of Ramona which looked right out of the 19th century.

Photos By Alex Hughes

The farm was not imposing to the rest of the barren landscape; however, the people who visited were a different story. We managed to secure all the major destinations at this public tour, and that included riding a camel! I admit that I was scared to do so as I had never ridden an animal in my life. I just imagined myself getting  thrown off or hurt which is quite typical of the human psyche. Everything is a threat to our survival! I found out though that a camel is not as untamed as I had imagined. Their behavior is quite relaxed and calming, and you can see this from their body language as well as their facial expression. They are chill. Once I saw my mom ride a camel, I knew that I could do it.

These animals are quite sturdy, and the ride was quite safe. Plus, It was just a loop around the track with an attendant that was there to guide the camel. I hopped off and was shocked that I got to ride a camel! That is going on my list of coolest things that I have done! An achievement! Besides the big event, there was the ability to feed camels: apples and pomegranates on sticks, a carnival and talented birds.

So if you are out in Ramona for some reason and on a public viewing day at the Oasis Camel Dairy then come check out camels. Heck, you don’t even have to go to the Middle East!

Website:  http://www.cameldairy.com/


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  1. Great story, Carl! What a fun thing to do during break! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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