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Ballot Measure For Proposition Z

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Ballot Measure Questions… Full text of ballot measure: 


MEASURE Z: CITIZEN’S MEDICAL CANNABIS BUSINESS INITIATIVE. of 2017 – Shall the citizen measure authorizing the commercial storefront retail sales of medicinal cannabis by up to 11 retailers in the City of Vista to be located in any of Vista’s commercial, industrial, business park, and mixed use zoning districts; imposing a 7% special use tax on gross receipts potentially raising $117,600 per dispensary annually until ended by voters; be adopted? YES   NO

MEASURE AA: CITY COUNCIL CANNABIS BUSINESS TAX Shall the City Council measure imposing a general tax on potential future cannabis businesses to offset their community impacts by taxing marijuana cultivation at $14/square foot; and gross receipts of marijuana businesses at rates not exceeding 8% on manufacturing and distribution; 10% on medicinal retail; 12% on adult-use retail; and 3.5% on testing; potentially raising $84,000 annually per medicinal distributor until ended by voters; requiring audits and establishing penalties for non-compliance; be adopted?  YES  NO

MEASURE BB: CITY COUNCIL MEDICINAL CANNABIS BUSINESS  ORDINANCE Shall the City Council measure authorizing only the commercial delivery of medicinal cannabis in the City of Vista by up to three non-storefront (delivery only) retailers; authorizing up to two product safety testing laboratories; limiting these business to industrial-type zones; and authorizing and directing the City Council to establish licensing and operating regulations protecting public safety, health, security, and community welfare; be adopted? YES  NO


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