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Helpful Hints and Life Hacks

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TheVistaPress.com is adding a new feature writer, Dani Witkowski.  On the last Friday of each month she will provide you with tips on how to organize your life and give you more free time.  She is the founder and Owner of Life Inspired-Lifestyle Services.  Welcome Dani!

We’re at the end of the first month of the year and spring is just around the corner!

Is this the year you’ll finally get all of those “spring cleaning” chores done that you’ve put off? I’m Dani Witkowski the founding owner of Life Inspired LifeStyle Services. We provide busy professionals the opportunity to regain your most valuable commodity – your time! We employ personal assistants tailored to your life to give you the peace of mind that your personal tasks and needs are managed giving you the freedom to do the things you want!

Every month here at thevistapress.com, we’ll be providing you some helpful hints and life hacks to help you become more efficient and streamline some of your more challenging tasks.

If you have specific questions, you can also email those to info@lifeinspiredls.com and we’ll be sure to answer them here!

We are also currently expanding our team of personal assistants, if you or someone you know is interested; please email your information to us at the above email address.

You can find us on social media too – for Facebook and LinkedIn, we’re at Life Inspired LifeStyle services, for Instagram and Twitter, we’re at LifeInspired_ls. Follow us for daily posts about projects we’re working on as well as other tips, tricks and treats!



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