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TJ Crossman Mentors Trade Tech High School Auto Class

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“Work smarter not harder.”  This is advice that TJ Crossman, owner of TJ Crossman’s Auto Repair shop, is giving to a group of high school students.  Mr. Crossman has proved time and time again that he is willing to support his community.  In this case, it has been support for Mr. Ibave’s automotive class at the neighboring school, Trade Tech High School.

The relationship started last year when Mr. Crossman donated three vehicles to Trade Tech to help the Auto class materialize.

As if that was not enough, Mr.Crossman approached Mr. Ibave and offered an open door to the automotive class.

The idea was to allow students to work on vehicles that needed service or repairs in his shop. 

This provides a practical approach and an extremely realistic environment for students that could not be duplicated on a school campus.  Mr. Crossman has shown students the “ins and outs” of running an auto repair shop and explained to students that it is all about fixing a customer’s problem at a reasonable price, and ensuring that the customer leaves happy.

For the last six weeks, students from Trade Tech have been working on a classic Pontiac Catalina that was brought into TJ’s shop for a leaking rear main seal.

Students were required to remove the transmission and engine from the vehicle and were provided an experience that would be considered authentic to the daily life of an automotive technician.

Mr. Crossman has offered to continue to help Trade Tech’s automotive program in any way he can.  TJ has renewed his offer to allow Trade Tech auto students to continue to work in his shop and use his equipment.  Mr. Crossman’s dedication, hard work, and willingness to help the Vista community is clearly evident and is greatly appreciated by the students of Trade Tech.


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  1. TJ Crossman gives back to his community!
    An awesome citizen!

  2. Gene Jennett says:

    TJ and his team are the best!

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