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2nd Roundabout Property Purchase on Paseo Santa Fe

By   /  December 12, 2016  /  3 Comments


The City of Vista is purchasing the property at 444 So. Santa Fe Avenue in preparation to build the next roundabout at Guajome Street and So. Santa Fe Avenue.  The property at 500 So. Santa Fe Avenue, Aguilera’s Bookkeeping, is adjacent to this building and they are in negotiations with the City to purchase the property.

Roberto Aguilera and his grandson

Mr. Aguilera’s family has owned this building since 1995.  Speaking with him Monday  he said there is a wide gap from the amount he wants for the property and what the City has offered him.


The City has already purchased the property across the street.                        READ STORY HERE


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  1. John says:

    Now that the traffic flow on S.S.F has been cut to a trickle why do we need this expensive solution to a non-existing problem!!?
    C’mon mean Joe Green! Show some leadership and stop this ssf financial hemorage!

    • Rob says:

      I think the answer to your question is, to complete the downtown plan. Who cares about the traffic flow in that area. We are trying to clean up and make the downtown a nicer place to live and shop. Right now it looks like an industrial junkyard on that part of S Sante Fe. Invest in the future and stop living in the past!

  2. Rich S. says:

    RICH says:
    Why not a third or maybe a fourth roundabout? Have any of our city leaders watched large vehicles try to navigate these tight quarters. At some point all businesses must be serviced by outside vendors! Another Euro style plan not in touch with reality.

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